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Grandma vs. the SWAT team

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The website FirstThings.com has an interesting story up, one I’m sure a few of you have seen.  It is entitled “Obama and Big Sis call out riot police on Quincy TEA Party patriots“.

Apparently someone felt that a bunch of little old ladies posed a significant threat!

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Now, this was obviously a political ploy…  The weekend had been filled with pictures of people protesting the Arizona immigration law, somewhat violently, and the resulting clashes with police.

AZ Pepper Spray

In one instance we had pepper spray being used on angry protesters, in the other, salt and pepper (hair) waving signs from across the street while singing God Bless America.

But as obvious as the tactics being used are, this is still going to be an inconvenience to the TEA Parties.  The MSM doesn’t care that the TEA Parties aren’t violent, that they resemble nothing like the Arizona protests, or any other libby protest, for that matter…

The MSM is going to continue to run stories about how peaceful the immigration protests are, and how violent and angry your grandmother gets when she goes to protest Big Government, high tax rates, and the cutting of her Medicaid.


I have identified the TEA Party’s secret weapon.


That’s right!  Gooey, rich, fresh-from-the-oven cookies.


Look, we all understand what the MSM is trying to do here.  They’re trying to show that the TEA Parties are violent, angry mobs, and they’re frustrated that the image they’re trying to hang on the TEA Parties is completely unrealistic.  All they need is one still picture of TEA Party protesters getting angry with cops and they can unload on the movement with both barrels, so they’re trying to drum up that picture.

From parading the Congressional Black Caucus around trying to solicit racist cat-calls to the Speaker of the House calling them Nazis, the left needs the right to rise up in anger.  They need TEA Party protests to look like the weekend’s Arizona protests.

Well, since we know what their goal is, let’s work to deny it to them.

If they want pictures of TEA Party people fighting with police, let’s give them little old ladies sharing cookies with cops.

You can’t get that many 80 year old women together, in Illinois or anywhere else in the heartland, and not find one of the World’s Most Amazing Cookie Recipes.

Those cops look awfully hot in that black riot armor…  Maybe they’d feel a bit more refreshed with a cold glass of milk and some fresh cookies, like the ones their grandma used to make?

So if you hit a TEA Party rally, and the SWAT team gets called in by the libbies, go get some flour, sugar, and some chocolate chips.  Then grab one of those adorable, little old ladies, and let her use her talents to help spread the TEA Party’s message of peaceful resistance.


The politicians aren’t going to listen to her voice, they will ignore her vote, she isn’t a physical threat to anyone, but by having a warm cookie with a cop, maybe Grandma can strike the most powerful blow of all?

The blow of “Great TEA Party PR”.

My next great idea: TEA Party bake sales.  What an awesome campaign fundraiser, eh?

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27 Responses to “Grandma vs. the SWAT team”

  1. Don’t forget some hot tea (or iced tea, if it’s hot out), too!

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  3. Tea and cookies – this is a wonderful idea. Being nice in the face of oppression makes it look all the more heavy handed and ridiculous

  4. Who can forget the picture of the anti-vietnam-war hippie chick putting a flower in the barrel of a gun?

  5. Wouldn’t donuts be better?

  6. Some of you may remember Dan’s Bake Sale, and how the MSM sent their reporters to report on the anger filled mobs. All they found was happy people with yummy baked goods.

    Advantage: Middle America!

  7. I had the same image come to mind as Monster. That and Tiananmen Square.

  8. I think Dewight has it — Donuts, deep-fried in pork fat!

  9. Ha ha funny cop joke – but keep in mind it is the media that has a thing against Tea Parties – not the cops. I’ve been to 3 (Ohio) and have never had a cop be impolite or defensive while I was present. They usually seem pretty amused, or else bored. they know trouble when they see it – and they don’t see it in us. They spend more time letting the kids pet their horses than assessing the crowd for potential ‘threats’.

  10. When the nice little old lady is handing out cookies to the heavily armed (and armored) SWAT team, she should put those cookies on a plate, with a doily.

    Two reasons for this: 1. We don’t want an incident. Walking up to a SWAT team with something unidentifiable in your hand is not a particularly good idea.
    2. Having those lovely cookies attractively displayed for all to see makes for great optics.

    The analogy to the hippie chick putting the flower in the barrel of the gun is a great one. Please take lots of photos of Grandma offering her cookies!

  11. Hey, can you give us some more details on how to cook CCCs on the dash in the sun? I have no shortage of sun here in Tucson…

  12. Melissa @ 12:33 – you make a good point.

    But we’re not talking about handing out cookies to the average cop who’s out there monitoring a protest. We’re talking about when the regime sends out a SWAT team to a peaceful protest with the express purpose of creating a photo op (and a story line) which will allow them and their syncophants in the media to suggest that the Tea Party protests are violent enough to warrant SWAT team intervention.

    When THIS happens, it’s time to deploy the “Grandma and her cookies” counter-photo op plan.

  13. Since the press is painting us with that brush anyway, I’m taking a big ol’ batch of fresh tollhouse cookies to the next Tea Party I attend.

    Welcome to the Dark Side. We have cookies!!

  14. You might be on the wrong side of the law with those baked goods. A group celebrating our library’s centennial fell afoul of the law when the ladies wanted to bring cookies they had baked. All the baked goods were required to come from only one kitchen, according to New Jersey law. So we had cookies donated by the ShopRite instead.

  15. cookies? …right…that surely will make much easier to put all in FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS that are ready. so naive…so stupid


  17. Um, Informer, there’s ‘turn the other cheek’ which admittedly gets misused, but I think this might be pretty close to the right interpretation of it.

    I’m wondering if you’re a moby, btw, Informer.

  18. The Monster // Apr 30, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    “Who can forget the picture of the anti-vietnam-war hippie chick putting a flower in the barrel of a gun?”

    I’m ducking if they point guns at us. Last thing we need is a firecracker or car backfire…

    But otherwise, I was thinking of handing out sodas.

  19. Is there no justice? You would expect the riot squads for the bums in SF or Chi orNyc but Quincy?What in the hell is so depraved about a group of senior citiizens getting together to protest the way the country is going?

    I think Obama needs to be checked out for his mental gyrations you would expect from a nut case.

  20. Maybe the time has come for civil disobedience and passive resistance. Just kneel down and sing “My country ’tis of thee” or “America the Beautiful” or “God bless America” and let the cops do what they have to do. Plead guilty, forgive the cops because they have to do their job, and go out and do it again.

  21. The Cookie Maneuver also works well when Congresscritters or other politicians come out to taunt a crowd, hoping for an “incident”. If they want an incident, give ’em cookies. On camera.

    Cookies and tea: a classic combination.

  22. I’m kind of reluctant to bring this up, lest it give the opposition some ideas … the Cookie Strategy described here is a great idea, but the following needs to be kept in mind in order to assure its success.

    Make sure that the chain of custody of the treats is well documented … and the identity and background of those doing the presenting known in the community.

    I can just see some agent provocateurs … even with gray hair; i.e. old 1960’s retreads … handing the cops tainted cookies and retreating to the shadows as a way of “sticking it to The Man” AND the Tea Partiers.

    And the taint doesn’t have to be life-threatening in order to poison our reputation … it could be as simple as Ex-Lax chocolate-chunk cookies … or hash brownies.

    And don’t impede their movement, even when being nice.

  23. @ Ritchie

    Good point.

  24. Love the “Cookies For Cops” idea, especially with grannies as the delivery vehicles, but folks, PLEASE BE CAREFUL… those who oppose us are so over the top, I wouldn’t put it past them to show up with their own oldster, complete with cookies laced with laxatives (or worse)…. I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to feed the guys and gals in blue things like Oreos or any of the Keebler chocolate chips, etc, i.e. something that didn’t come from someone’s kitchen…. MUCH less chance for mischief that would most certainly be used to hurt our cause…. just my 2 cents…. Eric

  25. Ritchie, you beat me to it – hopefully more of our folks are already onto this.

  26. Genius idea, Mike! I’ll be passing this along locally.

    The warnings for proactive caution are well-founded considering what we’re up against.

    It would be a crack-up to see this catch on and become a trademark of the rallies all across the country.

  27. Also, something simpler … whenever the police are at a Tea Party I attend (they usually are, in standard uniform, without the riot gear), be sure to thank them for serving in our midst.

    Establish our credibility … with kindness … to those who protect and serve.

    Establish our resolve … and make the truth clear … when the intellectually-dishonest (i.e. your typical Dim legislators) show up. While it must not be expressed as a threat of violence (at least in the foreseeable future), incivility is often called for.

    Civility in the face of intellectual dishonesty is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to the defense of liberty … for such civility gives the dishonesty the false appearance of legitimacy, and allows the dishonest to frame the debate on their terms.

    In other words …


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