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Going parental: Dad fatally punches 7-month-old as he yells, “toughen up”

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Larry Greene, a NYC man, was arraigned this past Wednesday on a second-degree murder charge after fatally punching his 7-month-old son. SEVEN. MONTHS. OLD. “Toughen up!” That’s what he yelled as he struck this tiny, crying, helpless child. He could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted. If convicted? He admitted to doing it. And do you know why he said he did it? According to The Inquisitr he (allegedly) told investigators that “he was jealous because the infant was more attached to the mother than to him.” Raise your hand if you have deep-seeded mommy issues! Come on, Larry. Let’s see that hand you sick bastard.

So 25 years to life in prison if convicted. That’s it? Don’t get me wrong, I think sending this douche bag to the capitol of ass-rape city is a good thing, I just think he’s getting off easy. Perhaps our fearless leader Scott will add this prick to his list of People who should be killed this week. I’m not sure what qualifies a person for this list, but in my personal opinion, this guy should be killed — slowly and painfully.

I love how there’s always some relative of the douche that just can’t believe it. Laquana Greene, douche’s sister, said that her brother is “a good person” who could never commit such a crime. Really? Cause he did. And he even copped to it — in all his infinite and sad stupidity — citing jealousy as the reason. As if there exists a reason remotely justifiable for fatally punching a child, at any age.

Here’s to our douche-bag-dad of the week. Enjoy being beaten by your jealous husband in jail.

Going Parental appears weekly, OK? Let’s just go with that for now. I’m having Thursday commitment issues. Larry Greene will hopefully be appearing before a judge very soon — and maybe if we’re lucky, in Scott’s next PWSBKTW column.

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3 Responses to “Going parental: Dad fatally punches 7-month-old as he yells, “toughen up””

  1. disgusting! someone should fatally punch him!

  2. He could be friends with this guy.

  3. I can’t even read stories like this… they just totally depress me.

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