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The summer of George

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Conditions in Florida are dry and hot. General conflagration has not broken out but that is not from any lack of ignition. There has been a sudden squall but whether it delivers more rain than lightning remains to be seen. George Zimmerman is in custody, surrendering without incident with the public release of the charges against him.

This should be a moment of great relief, should it not? The Martin family has consistently said that what they want is Justice for Trayvon, as the copyrighted phrase has it. Further they have said that what they desire is an arrest and a REAL investigation inverting the usual order. The implication is that there has not been a real investigation until now, the one delivering charges of second degree murder on a set of facts that the original Sanford based prosecutors thought warranted no charges at all. It is easy to understand why observers might think that so but mostly because of faulty information or explicit DISinformation, all of which will now be hashed out in open court, as it should be, while much of it has been hashed and re-hashed in the public sphere. Here is another helping of hash, including leftovers that have since gone sour.

The initial cause of outrage has become moot as it has proven to be false. The Martin family advocates originally stated three untruths: first that Zimmerman never was taken into custody on that fatal night. That falsehood stood nearly unrebutted until the release of a security video showing Zimmerman in handcuffs at the cop shop. Team Martin also declared that the crime scene was never attended to in any meaningful way but we have since seen video of the usual technicians and procedures being performed promptly and as competently as we can tell. The third falsehood was that Zimmerman’s pistol was never taken in as evidence. This also we know to be a flat inversion of the facts. 

So the original story has proven to be a fraud, in its compilation describing a scene truly outrageous even if all Zimmerman had said were true and complete. Indeed this was the position of the earliest Trayvonists, a principled stand on legal procedures, a bandwagon I joined early and dismounted early as well. The image of friendly cops inquiring almost not at all about the shooting of a young man, under whatever circumstances, was revolting and I revolted as much as anyone (twting and fbing it March 20th) but when the key elements proved to be fabrications I was outraged afresh at the fabricators. Few seem to have followed. Instead any criticism, objection or simple scrutiny of the facts or the players is proof of racism. Even the observation of peripheral facts like the clearly illegal laying of a bounty on Zimmerman’s head is racist. Any notice that the President’s gratuitous racial solidarity with the Martins is improper is racist. Anything but a blind eye turned to Trayvon Martin’s public adherence to modern thug culture is racist. Surprise at this designation of Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” is racist. Needless to say, all these racist expressions make you complicit, if not a gleeful participant in the infanticide that Zimmerman’s actions represent.

This while the antagonism for Zimmerman, like the support for Obama, is openly and frankly racist. It is the Administration at large that wants the two conflated. The US Attorney General who now sits over a “civil rights” investigation of the Martin shooting embraces in maudlin approbation the disgraceful pig, Al Sharpton, a filthy criminal who launched his wretched career with a hoaxed rape of a black girl by a spectrum of prominent white men in New York law enforcement and government prescribed by Sharpton. While that fraud collapsed, Sharpton suffered not at all, evading a civil judgement by further fraud. Continuing on, Sharpton turned a protest over a traffic accident into a howling anti-semetic mob that burned a store to the ground killing seven people. Those incidents barely begin to tell the tale of this lunatic who stands at the height of the black power structure now in the ascendent. Holder attends a convention of Al’s National Action Network, delivers a completely uncritical and full-throated endorsement of those National Actions which lately have included perpetuating those three formative lies of the Trayvon movement and all the others that have come after.

Is Holder some marginal figure? He seems poorly known in his home district. Domestically he is second only to the President himself in power and yet has even greater responsibility in the area of law enforcement. Quaint notions of fairness or neutrality are not ignored or discarded, they are actively destroyed on the national stage for reasons of racial solidarity. That is the only reason for Holder’s blatant contempt for electoral laws of all stripes. His actions against the simple requirement for real identification at polling places demonstrates that well enough but the very election of Obama gave the real truth of this man’s poisoned mind. The scurrillous and contemptible racist fascists, the so-called New Black Panther Party (having only cosmetic distinction from the murderous gang that gives us sitting Houseman, Bobby Rush) were taped driving off voters from a Pennsylvania polling place with threats and brandished weapons. Holder quashed the legal case against them that was already successful showing that he serves not just a race-based administration of the law but a fealty to the lowest, worst and most dangerous elements of society. There is no question and at this point can be no debate. Obama and Holder openly promote, seek and practice a government OF the black people, BY the black people and FOR the black people, not simply in government largesse but in the application of ALL laws; civil, criminal and regulatory. The fact that the Panthers and the Team Obama leg-breakers that brought similar tactics to the Texas Caucuses and elsewhere mostly practiced their violence on fellow blacks and Democrats is not mitigating but should be enlightening except that such enlightenment is also quite thoroughly racist.

Now the witch’s brew of racial animosity fomented by figures in government and without threatens to over-boil. No one turns down the heat. No one. Has the President or the AG denounced in the mildest terms the bounty that STILL publicly hangs over Zimmerman’s head even as he surrenders himself promptly to the authorities? Absolutely not. Has there been a single word from ANY black leader condemning the open calls for Zimmerman’s murder or the lurid threats of murder against whitey wherever he is found? Absolutely not. Have even the celebrities like Spike Lee who giddily publicized the address of ANOTHER Zimmerman and called for a lynching party to visit suffered ANY opprobrium? Absolutely not. Has a single black leader called for calm and restraint even as criminal charges, the supposed goal of the movement, been laid? Absolutely not. Nor will you.

There is no surcease on any front because no one in this parade of disgrace ever gave a fuck about Trayvon Martin or ever will, and that includes Trayvon Martin, a nihilist punk, self-named on twitter, SLIMM@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA. What limits did he feel himself above? You can guess or you can click but you will not be surprised. He drew his name from a profane rant glorifying criminality and violence. Looking away from this reality that figures like Bill Cosby and Steve Harvey occasionally struggle against is a large reason why Trayvon and numberless boys like him enjoy a cloaking field with their own parents and people that absolves them of responsibility even to pull their pants up. The idea that these lost boys might have to be saved from themselves and the monied exploiters of their ignorance before they are saved from Nightriders is too large and terrible to contemplate, therefore it remains uncontemplated.

So we enter a darkened wold on a path we have been on as long as any of us can remember. OJ was the trial of LAST century. Zimmerman’s will be the first trial of this one but not the last, most likely this is the opening blow in a long, long campaign in what has been a long struggle already. Look for no easing of tensions for those in charge are not in the easing business. Already the arrest of Zimmerman has proven anti-climactic and unsatisfying. Second degree murder? That is an insult, a recognition that Trayvon was a second-class citizen; this is what the ignorant who called for something named “justice” already are saying. If Zimmerman is granted bail though he has demonstrated he is no flight risk, this will also be a racist affront. Any change in venue will be a racist attempt to subvert the locals’ just outrage. Jury selection that weeds out those who sport a Pussy Ass Cracker t-shirt will be the subject of outrage at the justice system at large. The defense attorneys will be harassed, at least. The judge will need lifelong bodyguards around the clock regardless of the outcome and if there is a conviction, the absence of the death penalty will bring the name Troy Davis back to every throat. Already there is a national campaign, quite open, to murder Zimmerman once he sets foot in a jail and we know who owns the jails when the lights are out but even his head on a skewer will assuage not a single heart because outside and inside the prison walls the grotesque conveyor belt of murder will continue as the real driving motor is NOT white racist hit squads running amok (and if it were, Jorge would be unwise to sit with them). It is young black men who are killing young black men and if you were conspiring to see that disaster accelerate you could hardly do better than to cripple both law enforcement and legitimate self-defense as the Trayvon imbroglio is doing at an alarming pace. The astonishingly numerous voices celebrating their own liberation at the sight of Zimmerman in handcuffs will not sing for long as the gunfire in the ‘hood is undiminished; perhaps increased.

And what if the worst occurs? Even a cursory understanding of the law implies that this second prosecutor, Corey, has overcharged. The facts as we know them would have to diverge wildly from the facts as Corey can prove them to support murder 2 and if she does pull it out an appeal on dozens of grounds is assured; fair trial being foremost. What will happen if after all this Zimmerman walks free? Well, remember what happened when OJ was acquitted?

Not that.

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