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Exaggeration nation: Political sex scandals

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In light of the debacle over a Republican shindig at a L.A. bondage club, and Democratic congressman Eric Massa’s recently disclosed penchant for giving staffers a tickle, the Daily Beast asks: Which party has more sex scandals?

And the Daily Beast answers. It’s the G.O.P by a landslide!

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Fred's dreams

More Celebrities

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March 24, 2010
I dream I am working at a food court at the Coney Island boardwalk, and Bill Cosby is talking to a young man. I can’t hear exactly what they’re saying, but the young man appears skeptical. He doesn’t understand why Cosby is interested in him or why he wants to talk to him. Cosby is passionate, however, and he informs the young man that he loves him. The young man does not believe it.

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Gail sees a moviemovies

Gail sees a movie: City Island

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Sometimes you sit in the dark and think, “Why can’t it always be like this?” Well, that is what happened to me when I watched the delightful gift that is City Island. This film is funny, smart, moving, packed with great performances and set in a fascinating place. [Read more →]

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A month or so back via my connections in the nefarious literary underground I was offered a pre-publication copy of the first Lady Gaga biography, Behind the Fame by Emily Herbert. Not the kind of thing I usually read I must admit, but that’s why I wanted to read it, because there was no reason to read it. Follow me? [Read more →]

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Lisa reads: Fromms: How Julius Fromm’s Condom Empire Fell to the Nazis

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Julius Fromm was born in Russia in 1883; when he was 10 years old, his parents left Russia for Berlin. At the time, Berlin offered the hope of more economic opportunity and a better life. Fromm grew up feeling like a German, and a patriotic one at that. It all came to crushing end when Hitler came to power, because Fromm and his family — patriotic though they might be — were Jews.

Fromms: How Julius Fromm’s Condom Empire Fell to the Nazis by Gotz Aly and Michael Sontheimer is a detailed account of how Julius Fromm built a condom empire during the sexually permissive-period after World War I. His name became synonymous with condoms in Europe, much the way Kleenex or Xerox became household names. But his wealth and status could not protect him or his family when the Nazis came to power. [Read more →]

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Political labels pose the danger of dehumanizing those you happen to disagree with

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One commonly writes about something because one is interested in it, and one commonly reads about something for the same reason. But the two lines of interest do not necessarily coincide: What I find interesting to write about you may not find interesting to read about. Write a weekly column and you’ll see what I mean.

Judging by the comments, the column I wrote last week garnered more interest than I expected it would. [Read more →]

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Did the Democrats just give us health care reform, or a bunch of ShamWow cloths

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“You’ll learn to like it”.

That’s how the Democrats are responding to the critics who note that they just jammed Health Care Reform down our throats, in open defiance of the majority opposition, in a manner that was neither democratic, nor republican.

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Kelly Conaboy in Baked Alaska

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WFTC’s own Kelly Conaboy makes her movie debut. If you consider a self-edited and -produced short dialogue to be a movie debut. And we do. Because why not? And also because of how funny Kelly is.


Lauren likes TV: HBO, keep making it

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How To Make It In America (Sunday, HBO, 10PM) Is it me or is TV reeeeally boring right now? You haven’t heard from me in a while, mostly because I’ve been busy, but also because TV is just very uninspiring right now. American Idol is lame, the CW is worse than ever, and ABC is a complete snooze. The only exciting show on television lately has been Lost (and that’s because we dedicated the last 5 years of our lives to watching it and all it’s done for us is make us feel incompetent and stupid… apparently, the last 7 episodes will make us think we’re smart again), until a show called How To Make It in America came along. [Read more →]

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Bad sports, good sports: Stephen A. Smith is wrong about Donovan McNabb

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The big news in the NFL this week involved the Philadelphia Eagles and Donovan McNabb. The team appears ready to trade its 11-year veteran quarterback and move on with young Kevin Kolb. According to Stephen A. Smith, this is apparently a crime of some sort. [Read more →]


Moments from famous films I would have ruined had I been the star

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Forrest Gump — 1994

“My mom always told me life was like chocolate. Chocolate box. Wait…no, that wasn’t it. What the heck did she say? It was a box… chocolate… uhm… hang on, let me call my mom.”

The Wizard Of Oz — 1939

“Toto… where the heck are we?”

Frankenstein — 1931

“Whoa… hang on… hey Igor… is that thing… wait… is that thing alive? That is so weird. [Read more →]

Bob Sullivan's top ten everythingends & odd

Top ten signs the Easter Bunny hates you

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10. Instead of grass in your Easter basket, he uses poison ivy.

9. He claims he’s “as mad as a March hare” at you.

8. No Lindt. Just Hershey’s.

7. You wake up with the head of a baby chick under your blanket.

6. He’s always dissin’ your peeps.

5. He colors all your eggs using lead paint.

4. You get death threats signed simply “E.B.”

3. He hides twelve eggs and three land mines.

2. Instead of a basket, he uses a bedpan.

1. Those aren’t Raisinets.

Bob Sullivan’s Top Ten Everything appears every Monday.

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Spring in the kitchen

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Pea shoots, asparagus, and dandelion! Sorrel, kale, and chives! Ramps, bok choy, and mesclun! Looks like we made it! Spring is here and I can mostly avoid the local supermarket for another 8 months. Our neighborhood Greenmarkets will get a lot greener in the coming weeks with bountiful produce (and pretty flowers too). This is where my year really begins and I fall in love with food all over again.  

Farmers Market 3

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A solution for the teabagging problem

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The teabaggers have crossed the line.

Just as “free speech” doesn’t entitle someone to scream “fire” in a theater, it doesn’t entitle them to scream “socialism” by the Capitol. The effusive hatred displayed toward those brave legislators who seized America’s health care system must come to an end. For, left unchecked, it can destroy our nation and its newly-interpreted principles. Congress must act — as the vanguard of the people — to wipe out this vermin from our body politic. And it can best do this by reestablishing the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA). [Read more →]

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Obama: what me worry about approval ratings? Mad magazine cover says it all

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Noel Sheppard wrote an interesting short piece for NewsBusters about the clever Mad magazine cover that has Alfred E. Neuman using a marker to add “ed” to his “I love Obama” t-shirt.

You can read the piece and check out the Mad magazine cover via the below link:


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Cerebral commander-in-chief? Not so much

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Today I read Peggy Noonan’s regular piece in the Wall Street Journal, The Heat Is On. We May Get Burned. Normally I appreciate Ms. Noonan’s insightful and carefully crafted missives. However, today was one more straw on a camel’s back that’s about to break. Ms. Noonan, like so many others, refers to the people in the current administration, including the man at the top, as “so bright.” Ahem. I beg to differ. [Read more →]

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Friday night Jell-O shots

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Inspiration: “Jell-O Love: A Guide to Mormon Cuisine.” (Hat tip — Nancy Rommelmann.)

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What is the job of a film critic? Well, Kevin Smith and James Cameron just want them to promote their films

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First of all, check this out: Movie ticket prices are going up.

Many movie theaters across the country plan to raise ticket prices this weekend, particularly for premium-priced 3D tickets, The Wall Street Journal reported today (Thursday). It noted that 3D IMAX tickets in Boston for How to Train Your Dragon will rise to $14.50 versus $11.50, the price charged last weekend in the same theaters for Alice in Wonderland. Ticket prices for the 2D version of the movie will rise 3 to 4 percent.

Wow. That is a big jump. Three bucks for 3-D tickets. I’m not much of a mathematician, but that is at least, um, a 20% increase. This is coming at a time when movie studios are increasing their 3-D movie output. Warner Bros, for instance, is releasing all of its “tentpole” releases in 3-D. [Read more →]

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Transgender student is, essentially, run out of town

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A transgender student has been suspended from school in Fulton, Mississippi. I grew up in Queens, a big part of an even bigger city, and if a transgender teen came into my public high school in the late ’80s, people would have definitely turned to stare. Some would have wondered what that freaky kid was doing. Some would have made fun of him. Some might have threatened him (but more likely, they would have just been threatened by him). But certainly someone in the school would have accepted him. It probably wouldn’t have been the guys on the football team — but no one went to their games anyway. [Read more →]

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I am currently digging Say Anything and Whiskey Militia

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I am currently digging Say Anything — the 1989 Cameron Crowe movie starring John Cusack. If you live under a rock and never saw it, surely you have seen the image of Cusack holding the boombox over his head. Cusack stars as Lloyd Dobler, the most unrealistically cool, laid back, and interesting teenage boy that ever lived. Since I was the heavyweight champion of having crushes on girls in high school, it’s good to see that Lloyd gets the girl. But beyond all that — the soundtrack is ridiculous. Cameron Crowe never goes wrong — Singles is in my opinion the best movie soundtrack ever, and even Elizabethtown is a rather legit soundtrack. I have been driving my girlfriend insane with all my Say Anything references and recently serenaded her Cusack-style and adapted to the times by holding my ipod over my head. She didn’t think it was as funny as I did. 

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