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Going parental: Testing at age 4 to determine your kid’s future?

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Apparently, early childhood testing is becoming more and more common. This article in New York Magazine is a must read for anyone with children. Whether you plan on enrolling your kids in private school or not, it’s an incredibly insightful and interesting look inside the world of testing children at a young age and the implications of allowing those tests to further determine the future of these kids.

I’m not sure where I stand on this, but I will say that this article made me look at myself as a parent and even re-consider some of the decisions I had made regarding my daughter’s academic future. Because yes, I’ve made some predictions in my head and I’ve dreamt of sending her to private school — but only if it was a Montessori-based learning center. I went to Montessori and am a huge proponent of its methods.

Does that make me as bad as some these crazy New York City parents that are grooming their 4-year-olds for early admission to Yale? I don’t know. Maybe it does.

All I know is that when I was 8 years old and in third grade at Rockland Learning Center’s Montessori school, I learned sign language… because this little deaf bastard in my class was always taking my fruit roll up. Talk about hands-on learning. Sink or swim, kids!

Going Parental appears every Thursday. Asshole parents who think their kid is better and smarter than yours are all around you… I know, because I’m one of them.

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6 Responses to “Going parental: Testing at age 4 to determine your kid’s future?”

  1. I think when you are living with children in NYC it is a whole other animal so I don’t know what I’d so if that were the case.Regardless my goal for my children is that they are happy, not that they go to an ivy league school. They go to public school in an average town. French school on Saturdays (my husband is French) and one other activity (whichever they choose–dance, art, soccer etc.) We travel, learn and have dance parties. In our home, I hope to create an environment that enables my children to become compassionate, secure, wise, happy people.

  2. that sounds perfect Tara – can i just send JR to you during the week? it’ll be like boarding school only i’m not paying for it and you get to have an extra mouth around you all day. i dont know, but this sounds perfect to me.

  3. LMFAO @ little deaf bastard!!!!!!!!!! i love you jac !!!!!

  4. send that little dollface over this way. :)

  5. Wow…i need to start communicating with this fetus in Latin…

    PS-went to Montessori and am also a snob who thinks my kid should go to one as well.

  6. It has been my *personal* experience that the quality of the school is meaningless. It’s the amount of drive an individual has to become educated that matters.

    Can have the best teachers, equipment, and facilities, but if your kid doesn’t want to learn, nor apply themselves, what good does it do?

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