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Post-traumatic bat disorder

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My marriage isn’t an especially old-fashioned one, but whatever you think about traditional gender roles, there are some things that, at least in my house, remain man’s work. My wife almost never changes a light bulb, doesn’t often deign to take out the trash, and has only a vague idea of where I keep the screwdrivers. In our family, some jobs call for a man. For instance, fighting off bats. [Read more →]

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The death of me

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According to the most reliable sources, the mythological Cyclops was tortured by the precise advanced knowledge of when and how it would die.

I’m no mythological creature, but I too know the precise how — if not the when — of my death. I will die by tripping over shoes my wife has left on the floor. [Read more →]

reflections & recollections by Scott Stein

A knife to set things right

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An older brother’s job is to protect his younger brother or sister. That’s what I’d always been told by my parents, and that’s what I’d seen. My older brother protected me. [Read more →]