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Top ten things that indicate just how hip and progressive Pope Francis really is

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10. He’s overseeing the instillation of the Vatican’s first drive-through confessional

9. He considers himself an agnostic because, as he says in Latin, “How do you really know one way or the other?”

8. The communion wafers he distributes now include nacho-flavored

7. He’s hosting the Comedy Central Roast of Benedict XVI

6. A typical penance might be, “Say three ‘Hail Mary’s and sing three choruses of ‘John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt’”

5. Instead of one of those kneely things, his confession booth has a rocker recliner

4. Before he offers communion, he lets you speak with the wine steward

3. For showering, he’s allowing his likeness to be used on Pope-on-a-Rope

2. Instead of incense, before the service he fills the censers with Acapulco Gold

1. Last week he dedicated a new church in Rome called Our Lady of Gaga

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