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BSGS News brief: Donovan McNabb drives drunk again

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By the time Donovan McNabb left Philadelphia, the former Eagles quarterback had most certainly worn out his welcome. People here were just tired of his act. Andy Reid, the head coach, was in the same boat, and although he hung around a bit longer than his hand-picked quarterback, fans were just as ready to see him leave. Donovan had a very successful career here, and since retiring from the NFL, he has moved into a broadcasting role. It remains to be seen, but that career may be over too.

McNabb was arrested a few weeks ago for his second DUI in the past year or so. This week, a video of his arrest surfaced via TMZ (who else?), showing a clearly impaired McNabb trying to talk his way out of the traffic stop by suggesting that he had a bad cold and had been taking cough medicine. He insisted that he was not drunk. Blood tests showed that his blood-alcohol level was .17, which is nearly twice the legal limit. If that was caused by cough medicine (which does have alcohol in it), then he drank an awful lot of it. Maybe he chugged the whole bottle. He had been headed home from a bar when stopped and had a variety of alcohol in his car, so his medication claims seem to be a bit specious.

DUIs are inexcusable. Two DUIs in a year are a strong indication of a real problem, in addition to being a serious crime that should involve incarceration. Fox Sports, for whom he works, has suspended him but has not yet fired him. I would guess that is coming.

You could easily argue that McNabb was the best quarterback in the history of the Eagles. Although I couldn’t wait for him to leave at the end, I would agree with that assessment. He is awful as a broadcaster, though, as it is a role that allows his weaknesses (like defensiveness) to really shine through. He also seemed to regularly go for the controversial stand on things just to make waves. I can’t say I am sad to see him leave this time either.




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