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BSGS news brief: Fingers flying off in the NFL

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I try to always limit the news I discuss to things that happened during the most recent week. I decided to throw this little bit out there on its own because it’s too good a story to never make it to Bad Sports, Good Sports.

Jason Pierre-Paul, the star defensive end for the New York Giants, managed to blow his hands up while shooting off fireworks over the holiday weekend. He suffered burns on both hands, and injured his right ring finger so badly that doctors were forced to amputate it on Wednesday. This is a man who makes his living by trying to fight his way past 300+ pound offensive linemen to get to the quarterback. His hands are kind of important in that effort. He was designated as the team’s franchise player this offseason, guaranteeing him almost 15 million dollars next season, while his agents and the Giants try to work out a long term deal. There was supposedly a $60 million deal on the table, but that has now been pulled after the injury.

Exactly how big a moron can a person be? Hey Jason…go watch a fireworks show somewhere. Leave the incendiary devices to professionals and far away from your $60 million hands.

The most amazing thing about this story? The number of fingers Pierre-Paul lost was one fewer than the number lost by C.J. Wilson, a defensive back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, doing the same exact thing this past weekend. Wilson is not the big star that Pierre-Paul is, and he doesn’t have a big pending contract offer at the moment, so the coverage of his story has not been nearly as widespread. Still, two NFL players lost fingers to fireworks on the same weekend.



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