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Bad sports, good sports: Was Kurt Busch really dating an assassin?

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There are wacky stories and then there are wacky stories. Occasionally, you read something that seems so completely bizarre that it feels like it almost has to be true, because why would someone make that up? The sports world is no exception to this phenomenon, and this week, it was NASCAR that could have appeared in the Weekly World News.

Kurt Busch is one of my least favorite drivers in NASCAR. He is talented, sure. He won the Cup championship back in 2004, and has won 25 races in his career. He also appears to be incredibly arrogant and smug, and he has been at the center of many controversies and feuds over the years. It’s difficult to keep track of all of the other drivers and crew chiefs who have wanted to take a swing at him at various points in his career. Fellow driver Jimmy Spencer famously punched Busch in the face after a race in 2003, breaking his nose and a few teeth.

Back in November, the driver was placed under investigation for domestic assault. He had allegedly attacked his girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, inside his motorhome while at Dover International Speedway for a race in September. This occurred a week after he says they had broken up. That was the last I heard about the issue until last week. There was a court hearing about a protection order requested by Driscoll, and Busch went to testify. During his testimony, he stated that Driscoll was a trained assassin. You read that correctly…he believed that her job was to kill people for the government.

Where do you go with that, exactly? Is Kurt Busch a total nutcase? Is Patricia Driscoll actually a paid killer? What the hell is going on here? The one thing I know is that it is going to be fun to follow the rest of this story. It may not be the type of attention that NASCAR is looking for, but it promises to make the upcoming season a compelling one.

Bad sports, continued:

2) The famous bleachers at Wrigley Field in Chicago will be out of commission for the first stretch of the 2015 baseball season while renovations to the iconic ballpark are being completed. That will be a strange bunch of games for the Cubs without the “Bleacher Bums” out in their usual spot.

3) Golfer Robert Allenby claims to have been kidnapped and robbed after missing the cut at the Sony Open in Hawaii on Friday night. He says his assailants grabbed him, threw him in a car, and beat him up, stealing his wallet and cell phone.

4) Greg Anthony, a former NBA player and current analyst for CBS, was arrested in Washington D.C. on Friday. He was charged with solicitation of a prostitute.

5) Indianapolis Colts player Josh McNary, a linebacker, was charged with rape on Wednesday. The incident for which he was arrested allegedly occurred on December 1st.

6) It is certainly an accomplishment to get to a conference championship game in the NFL, so it’s hard to rip a team that got to that point. That said, the Indianapolis Colts came up very small in their game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, getting tromped by a score of 45-7. A bunch of noise has been made about a report suggesting that the Patriots had somehow deflated some of the balls that they used during the game in order to be able to get a better grip in the cold weather, but even if that happened, I can’t see that it could have  had a huge impact on the outcome here. This was not exactly a close game.

Good sports:

1) Skier Lindsay Vonn had a great weekend in Italy, tying the all-time record for wins in the World Cup with her 62nd victory. The win came in the downhill event on Sunday, breaking Annemarie Moser-Proell’s record from 1980.

2) With time running out, the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks looked like they were going to lose to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game on Sunday. After a touchdown, a recovered onside kick, and another touchdown and two-point conversion within a span of 44 seconds, the Seahawks took a three point lead with 1:25 to play. That was enough time for Aaron Rodgers to lead his team to a game-tying Mason Crosby field goal and overtime, but the champs put an end to the suspense pretty quickly in the extra period, winning it on a 35-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Jermaine Kearse just over three minutes into overtime.

Bad sports, good sports appears early each week

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  1. I prefer to believe that Kurt Busch actually believes he was dating an assassin.

    I think I also prefer to believe that he’s right.

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