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Bad sports, good sports: Kyle Petty takes a sexist shot at Danica Patrick

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As much as the world has changed over the last decade or so, it is amazing how consistently people will say stupid things about someone who is breaking down barriers. There are many people who have evolved, but expecting that everyone has is a fruitless endeavor. Danica Patrick is the first woman to make serious inroads into the world of NASCAR. She hasn’t lit up the leaderboard, but she has been respectable. Despite that, some people are very quick to discount her. Kyle Petty, a former driver and current commentator, took about as serious a shot at her as he could in an interview this week, saying she “is not a race car driver.”

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Top ten things you don’t want to hear at Thursday’s Fourth of July barbecue

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10. “Nobody told me this BBQ was BYO!”

9. “No dessert today; Twinkies won’t be back on the shelf until the fifteenth.”

7. “Who drank all the lighter fluid?”

6. “That’s not mayonnaise; you’re standing under a tree.”

5. “Why does my hot dog have an engagement ring on it?”

4. “I think Gramps lost his hearing aid in the coleslaw again.”

3. “Hope you like tofu burgers!”

2. “Let me tell you all about Joseph Smith and his amazing revelations.”

1. “I knew it was a bad idea to leave the fireworks in the trunk on a day this hot!” 

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