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Glimpses of Syria 2009

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In the fall of 2009 I traveled to Jordan and Syria with a group organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  Since the outbreak of Syria’s civil war, which to date has killed some 93,000 people, I’ve often thought back to the peaceful country I visited just a year and a half earlier.  I found a  landscape of green hills, desert and sea that in some ways resembles Oregon, cities full of friendly people and intriguing souks, and everywhere wonderful smells of fruit, spices, and flowers.  I think back on those scents and they return to me as an emblem of Syria’s beauty and a prayer for peace.  Here are a few photographs of my trip.




Syrian welcome sign



Entering Syria from Jordan


ruins at Afamea

Ruins at Afamea, central Syria



ruins at Palmyra

Ruins at Palmyra, eastern Syria

helpful sign - Palmyra

A helpful sign at Palmyra



columns - Palmyra




Entrance to a crusader fortress


Entrance to a crusaders’ fortress



Courtyard, Aleppo art gallery

Courtyard of an art gallery, Aleppo



Syrian hilltown

Syrian hill town



entering the mosque

Entering a mosque



limited complaints box

Complaints box, limited capacity




True grave of Saladin




Two friends

Friends in a cafe, Aleppo



wagon at the Bagdad Cafe

Rest stop in the desert



map at Bagdad Cafe





Wooden water wheel - Hama


Wooden water wheel, Hama














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