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Audio files: Happy birthday, Herbie Hancock

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Hello, welcome to a special Friday Audio Files column that exists for the sole purpose of wishing “happy birthday” to the great Herbie Hancock. (h/t to pal Ethan.)

J-a-z-z   F-u-n-k!

My favorite Herbie album is probably Secrets, though the man has a huge catalogue of great material from which to choose, making any attempt at a “favorites” list something of a fool’s errand.

Totally unrelated, here is an interesting read about David Lee Roth. Some excerpts:

“…I have a handful of very good friends, and I’m lucky enough to have them in different locales. The closest I have to a show business friend is Konishiki, a 600-pound ex-sumo wrestler in Tokyo. He’s my language mentor.”

“Diamond Dave is somewhere between Spider-Man and Spanky from Our Gang,” he says, popping open a beer. He’s never made a point of apologizing or renouncing past clownishness, never showed regret or embarrassment, never worried about those who didn’t get the joke, never OD’d or got sober, never got busted for anything more than a dime bag. “I went through a wild phase where I was that person, and perhaps one hurdle is allowing yourself to develop. Everybody goes through the Harley-Davidson phase, the leather days — that’s a great merit badge, and the hardest phase to live through.”

The legend that Van Halen wouldn’t play if they found brown M&Ms in their backstage jar is cited as a prime example of the era’s excess and hubris; the reality is that the request was buried in their contract rider as a test to see whether venues were abiding by the intricate technical specifications for the stage and sound — at first blush, that’s more boring, but as a whole, it’s a proper snapshot of frontier life. By now these legends add up to a bigger story that is true, even if it’s not all, you know, true.

And finally, some music-related images culled from the depths of Tumblr. Please enjoy.

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