Some better Armstrongs

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Neil Armstrong>Lance Armstrong.

This was true even before the doping scandal, because being the first human to walk on the moon>riding a bike good.

And Louis Armstrong>Lance Armstrong, because, well, he could do this kind of thing:

Also, Stretch Armstrong>Lance Armstrong, because he could do this without using performance-enhancing drugs (not sure about that last part).

Thomas Armstrong>Lance Armstrong because he started a flooring company still in business today and because he had impressive facial hair.

Billy Joe Armstrong>Lance Armstrong because he’s a rock star and because his drug use is not a violation of the rules of his profession but a requirement.

Curtis Armstrong>Lance Armstrong because he was Booger.

There are many other Armstrongs. Some are allegedly famous. Others are not famous. I won’t claim that all of them>Lance Armstrong, because I don’t know them all. Especially the allegedly famous ones I’ve never heard of.

And, to be fair, Lance Armstrong could ride the hell out of a bicycle. You don’t win the Tour de France seven consecutive times just by doping. You probably have to train really hard and be a truly incredible athlete, since it’s possible lots of the other riders were also doping. It isn’t exactly new to the sport. Anyway, most people I know could inject themselves with all sorts of stuff and never make it over the first hill in a race like that. Still, cheating and lying for years while generally being a big asshole does tend to lower your Armstrong rating even if you are excellent at riding a bike. Especially when that cheating undermines the inspirational ending of Dodgeball.

Some Armstrongs remain inspirational.

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  1. I second the vote for Booger as being better than Lance Armstrong. In fact, I am pretty sure he could have won the Tour de France with just some whipped cream cartridges (re: Better off Dead).

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