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Top ten little-known facts about Mitt Romney

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10. ‘Mitt’ is short for ‘Mitigate’

9. He has less charisma than Clint Eastwood’s chair

8. On vacation, he likes to visit his money in the Caymans

7. He’d gladly show you his tax returns – when you pry them from his cold dead fingers

6. His nickname for his dog is ‘Luggage’

5. He has a three-prong strategy for winning the election: lie (look at the Republican convention), buy (the Koch brothers have $50 billion), and cheat (voter I.D., etc.)

4. He’s somewhat smarter than your average marmoset

3. He doesn’t have a birth certificate to show; instead he has a warranty

2. He not only wears magic underwear, but a matching magic bra

1. If elected, he plans to fire everybody, flip the country, and move to Sweden

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