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David Lynch wants you to vote for Barack Obama

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If you’re not familiar with the 90 Days/90 Reasons Web site that shills daily for the re-election of omni-benevolent halo wearer Barack Obama, please check out Ricky Sprague’s post here for some background info.

The latest celebrity to chime in with a pro-Barack post at 90 Days is David Lynch, a film director whom many of us at this site admire and love.

By all means, read Lynch’s reasons for re-electing Barack Obama.

Then feel free to stab your lungs and face with an antler lamp.

Writes David:

I am going to vote for re-electing President Obama. I have noticed something in Mitt Romney’s name, which I think speaks to what he is about. If you just rearrange a few letters, Romney becomes R MONEY. I believe Mitt Romney wants to get his Mitts on R Money. He would like to get it and divide it up with his friends, the Big Money Bunch.

I believe he would like to get his Mitts on R Money, R Resources, R Freedoms, and R American Dream. I do not trust Mitt Romney to look after the best interests of 99% of Americans. I think electing Mitt Romney would be a catastrophe for our country—one which would be real difficult to straighten out later. Please do not let Mitt Romney get his Mitts on R Money or R United States of America.

I can’t even muster the energy to sigh at this point. As my friend Jacob Grier pointed out on Facebook today, politics ruin EVERYTHING.



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9 Responses to “David Lynch wants you to vote for Barack Obama”

  1. If you kind of rearrange the letters in David Lynch’s name, you get CHILD NAVY. From this, I conclude that David Lynch wants to start a navy of children, who will travel around the world in child-sized submarines, waging war against unsuspecting adults.

    Please, for crying out loud, don’t vote for David Lynch and his CHILD NAVY!

  2. I agree.

    I did some anagramming of my own using Lynch-related movie titles, characters, concepts etc, and found some revealing words of my own.

    MULHOLLAND DRIVE = Unmoved Lard Hill

    BLUE VELVET = Velvet Lube

    Marcelles Santos = Scrotal Salesmen

    Clearly anagramming is a psychic roadmap to the soul.

  3. LOL LOL….the comments are the best. I can’t stop laughing. If this country wasn’t in such a dire situation, it would almost be worth having BHO re-elected just to see nitwits like Lynch reap the rewards of voting for the Marxist. But I won’t wish that on ourselves or even the useful idiots.

  4. Alright, he’s driven me to it, so I’m going to say it: INLAND EMPIRE was shit.

  5. Look closely in fact, and you’ll see that INLAND EMPIRE is an anagram for UTTER SHITE. No, really.

  6. Totally agree.

    I guess I liked the ‘idea’ of Inland Empire — that it took some of the deliberately vague and open-ended cha cha cha of Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive to an illogical, raw, and ugly extreme — but the final result was not engaging. I won’t watch it again, and I’ve watched his other flicks dozens of times.

  7. Much too long and it looked ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE on the big screen, all granulated and blurry, like a Youtube video in cinemascope. SHIT SHIT SHIT, as Mahmoud Ahmadinejead would say.

  8. I rented it on DVD and I spent about 20 minutes trying to re-configure the settings on my TV just to see it properly. And it still looked like shit, yeah.

  9. Imagine what it looked like in the cinema- in the UK it got a (poorly attended) theatrical release.

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