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Bad sports, good sports: Olympics, Olympics, everywhere

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As I sit here on Sunday night looking over my list of stories from the week, it is hard to miss that most of them involve the Olympics. I have never been a big fan of the Olympics, and I will admit that I have not watched a great deal of it this time around either. I have enjoyed what I have watched, though, and some of it has been really exciting. Perhaps I should watch more of it the next time around. I especially liked watching the running, which is likely due to my own interest in the sport, which I did not have during the last Summer Games. Rather than write a long piece on one of these stories, I am going to try to give some time to a bunch of the great performances, along with the usual list of some unfortunate ones.

Good sports, continued:

1) Michael Phelps proved that he is simply the greatest Olympian of all time. [Read more →]

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Top ten signs you’re having a bad summer

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10. You mentally divide your summer into two parts: pre and post weed wacker incident

9. You’re Tom Cruise

8. The B&B you’re staying at evidently stands for ‘bed’ and ‘bugs’

7. What everyone else thinks is a sunburn is actually a rash

6. The cruise director shows you to your bench and oar

5. That giant mouse you saw wasn’t at Disneyland

4. You have to crawl under barbed wire to get to the beach

3. All the resort staff members are wearing yellow biohazard suits

2. The only summer job you could find was as Chris Christie’s lotion boy

1. Your eyebrows haven’t grown back since the Fourth of July

Bob Sullivan’s Top Ten Everything appears every Monday.

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Wandering America’s Dairyland and points beyond

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Just returned from a trip to Wisconsin and Michigan.

If this were the 1970s, I’d subject you to endless reels of 8 mm film. But since this is the 21st Century, I’ve got something  far better — Jackie Baisas aesthetically awesome pro photos. Please enjoy.

[


All Coliseum Olympics

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I am cynical of the Olympics for 3.95 years out of every Olympic cycle. I remember well that the events are obscure, the clichés are hyperbolic, and the coverage is amateur. Then once it starts, I admit I cannot look away. There is something about international competition and around the clock multi-venue multi-channel coverage that is just addicting.

This is not to say that my reasons for being cynical are unfounded. Trust me there is plenty to make fun of. But there is plenty to appreciate too. In the next week you will see, hear, and read plenty of commentary on the Olympics, but none so profound as the kind you will find in the Olympic Coliseum. Let us take a look after one full week. [Read more →]

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One-car crash

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Yesterday, I was driving back from picking up my dinner, an eggplant parm sandwich. An SUV — a really big one — was heading the opposite way. Both cars in front of me swerved to their right. I did as well, seeing the SUV veer into our lane (oncoming traffic) and then back into its own lane. The driver had over-corrected for the veer and as he passed me he was in the tall grass off his side of the road. At no time did he seem to hit the brakes. I hadn’t slowed down, was trying to get clear of him. In my side- and rearview I watched him come out of the grass on his right and accelerate to the left down the wrong side of the road, in my lane, totally out of control. Then he flew off the road and slammed into a utility pole, which fell.

The article in the local news section of the Bucks County Courier Times today notes a one-car crash and that drunk driving is suspected. [Read more →]

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The Dark Knight sinks

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It is impossible to “spoil” something that is already rotten. However, the following post contains specific plot information about the film “The Dark Knight Rises,” so if you haven’t yet seen the film (don’t!) and you don’t want to know what happens in the film (trust me, you don’t!), then read no further.

This movie was better than “The Dark Knight Rises.”


There is a great deal of irony in the title “The Dark Knight Rises.” The character of Batman cannot rise above this material, and so the character sinks. The film is completely nonsensical and ludicrous, so the film itself sinks, hard. The acclaim afforded the film shows a decline in critical thinking, in particular among fanboys and geeks; fandom sinks. And each of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films has declined in quality. The franchise sinks.

“The Dark Knight Rises” is the worst Batman film of all time. It is worse than Schumacher’s “Batman & Robin.” It is worse than “Batman XXX: A Porn Parody.” It is worse than Leslie Martinson’s “Batman” film from 1966. It’s worse than “The Dark Knight Raises.” [Read more →]

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Nazis, gangsters, sex kittens and unfortunate tattoos

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Last week the directors of the Bayreuth Festival got into a kerfuffle with the Russian bass-baritone Yevgeny Nikitin when a German TV show revealed that he has a swastika tattoo on one of his man-boobs. This was a problem because Nikitin had been invited to perform the lead in “The Flying Dutchman,” an opera by Richard Wagner, the music world’s most famous anti-Semite, whose work was much beloved by Adolph Hitler, another noted anti-Semite. It was a Nazi supernova!

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