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One-car crash

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Yesterday, I was driving back from picking up my dinner, an eggplant parm sandwich. An SUV — a really big one — was heading the opposite way. Both cars in front of me swerved to their right. I did as well, seeing the SUV veer into our lane (oncoming traffic) and then back into its own lane. The driver had over-corrected for the veer and as he passed me he was in the tall grass off his side of the road. At no time did he seem to hit the brakes. I hadn’t slowed down, was trying to get clear of him. In my side- and rearview I watched him come out of the grass on his right and accelerate to the left down the wrong side of the road, in my lane, totally out of control. Then he flew off the road and slammed into a utility pole, which fell.

The article in the local news section of the Bucks County Courier Times today notes a one-car crash and that drunk driving is suspected. There were no serious injuries despite the guy hitting the utility pole as well as, it turns out, a tree. But it easily could have been a multiple-car crash and serious injuries or fatalities. People — some just out to pick up a delicious sandwich — had their lives threatened by a maniac driving drunk on a Wednesday before 6 p.m.

At the crash, there were plenty of witnesses. Several cars had been heading in the same direction behind the crashed car and some had stopped by the scene, presumably to render aid and call for help. Seeing this, I knew there was no reason to stick around, so I went home and ate my sandwich. It was good.

People are maniacs

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