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Audio files: Rock-band mascots and Charles Manson

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This post started out as a piece about the band Riot, whom I vaguely recall reading about in such magazines as Hit Parader and Hit Parader when I was a metal-obsessed youth.

Riot’s album covers were notable for featuring some kind of humanoid, polar-mammal guy.  At first I thought the guy/creature was a snow owl. But then I looked closer, and the features revealed themselves as mammalian, not avian.

The Internet informs me that the Riot guy is called “Johnny.”

Pal Mark at Cool Album Covers suggested there was no real mystery to the Riot guy, he was simply a rock ‘n’ roll mascot, ala Eddie from Iron Maiden fame. You remember Eddie, right? Eddie provided the type of Satanic imagery that made Iron Maiden awesome in the eyes of such fans as me.

The Ed

Then I started to wonder, what other rock mascots abound in the world of music? The Internet informed me of quite a few. But the topic lost its luster after a few Google searches, and I was more interested in learning about the relationship between Dennis Wilson and Charles Manson anyway. So I went to the source for that — Wikipedia. Pal Ricky pointed out the awesome deadpan style of the Wilson/Manson Wikipedia entry.

To wit:

As Wilson became increasingly aware of Manson’s volatile nature and growing tendency to violence, he finally made a break from the friendship by simply moving out of the house and leaving Manson there.

Anyway, here is what’s on my playlist this week:

And then my friend, you die.

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