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High-risk sex offenders don’t prefer to be monitored

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Robert Lee Moone broke into a home in 1989, armed with a knife, and attempted to sexually assault a 13-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison because we can’t have people breaking into homes and sexually assaulting 13-year-old girls. In 2010 he was granted parole. Moone is so dangerous, though, that “[a]fter he was granted parole, he was placed on a “Super Intensive Supervised Program” with 24-hour monitoring.”

No worries, then. A Super Intensive Supervised Program must be not only intensive and supervised, but super intensive and super supervised. Tuck your babies in bed and leave the windows unlocked. He’s monitored, like, 24 hours a day. Super intensively.

What’s that? Moone walked out of a Texas halfway house and cut off his electronic monitor on April 10th? Well, that kind of thing hardly ever happens. Not in Texas, anyway.

It was the second escape of a high-risk sex offender in Texas within a week.

Michael Elbert Young, 42, climbed over a barbed wire fence at the Southeast Texas Transitional Center in Houston on Thursday night after removing his electronic monitor.

Young served eight years in jail for aggravated assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, the Houston Chronicle reported. Both charges carried a sexual element, and Young also served time for the sexual assault of a child and attempted aggravated sexual assault convictions.

The Super Intensive Supervised Program and electronic monitoring don’t seem to be working. It might be time for a Superduper Intensive Supervised Program. Unless that’s going too far.

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2 Responses to “High-risk sex offenders don’t prefer to be monitored”

  1. This is happening in Kalifornia too. The pervs are being let out of prison by Governor Moonbeam and getting their ankle bracelets. They decide they dont like their ankle bracelets and cut them off. This used to get them sent back to prison because a warrant would be isued and they would then be hunted down and locked back up. Wellll now they just say “your a bad pervert, here is a new bracelet and dont do that again”. This is happening despite John Wayne Gardner being let out a few years ago and raping and killing two teenage girls…… Our world is going to hell.

  2. Not to worry.. Local still at large sex offender who accosted me almost a year ago here with CHILDREN PLAYING 50′ away in the street has probably already paid your referenced offender’s bus fare to Talking Rock (Pickens County), Georgia.. Will let you know when he shows up. *sigh*

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