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The Amazing Race

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In December of 2010 my car was stolen from a packed pay lot on a Thursday afternoon. The cops thought it a routine event, and to them it was. The sentiment was that most likely it would turn up in a day or so, probably that very evening. As it happened it was a couple weeks before it was identified, chased and destroyed as a result. The offender, a Marcus Jones, 24 years old, drove my Jeep squarely into a light pole and grabbed his girlfriend’s five month old daughter to use as a human shield, leaving the mother at the scene with an impressive cache of marijuana and cocaine. He was apprehended but claimed to be an innocent bystander who had picked up the abandoned baby on this night of icy, driving winds. That diversion failed, as did his first attempt at legal defense. He told the court he was hearing voices. The State shrinks called BS on that. He complains that he is suicidally depressed, as well he may be, now facing some twenty charges including kidnapping and the considerable weight to his conscience added by the fact that the child in question is permanently paralyzed from her injuries and facing her second birthday in a few months’ time. Monday morning he will either plead guilty and receive his sentence or plead not guilty and receive a trial. I will attend. The grave nature of the baby’s injuries have been reported in no media I can find. A functionary of the Atlanta prosecutors’ office told me of the sad fact while informing me of the court date and their desire for my presence to add, however sparsely, to the bill of atrocities laid on this career criminal. All the parties involved, probably including the judge, are black. 

No one is supposed to mention that, or remember it, or draw any inference from it. We have been cowards on matters of race, as Eric Holder informed us some years ago and there is scant incentive to change course now. In fact the carrots and sticks are arrayed to mark out a single course of determined, practiced ignorance; a platonic ideal of non-judgemental even-handedness which in practice is a program of leniency and forbearance that explains away even wanton depravity like this as mundane; regrettable but unsurprising. I deliver the same diagnosis as the Fulton County psych-squad did to Mr Jones. I call bullshit. I call it loud and long.

My exposure to black people, black culture and black behavior could only be more complete if I were black myself, in which case I would be even more subject to the peer pressure to circle the wagons; said pressure I recognize and thoroughly renounce. Marcus Jones speaks and acts far more for his race than, say, Magic Johnson or local philanthropist Luducris. But with precious few exceptions, they all speak from the same hymnal. I predict Monday’s proceedings will be quick and without rancor from anyone. Jones will plead guilty, have his prison sentence commuted to the time already served in lock-up with rehab, community service and a levy of restitution that will never, in the meagerest fraction, be paid. If it goes otherwise, I will inform you but in this case and any like it, expect the expected.

This is not to say that an identical set of circumstances might occur with a white malefactor. Dangerous loons abound. But just as certainly as Mr Jones will be excused the firmest punishment on racial grounds, the others will not. If they escape the full weight of the law it will have to be through old-fashioned luck, pluck or skillful lawyering. Their race will be no asset. Who can deny it?

Oh, we know who. The criminal justice system is diabolically weighted against the Black Man. This is a white man’s world! as I have been volubly reminded on several occasions. Thank providence for repeated confrontations, they hone your skills. On MARTA or in the precincts or just on the street it is common for racial grievances to be hollered at the nearest white face. Common indeed. But even these ruffians are perplexed by a simple truth; that while it may be arguable that this is a White Man’s World, it is irrefutable that this is a Black Man’s Town. Nearly all of the city and local government is black from bottom to top with minor exceptions, one of which was Judge Rowland Barnes. We say “was” as this man was shot to death on the bench by Brian Nichols while under the delusion, he claims, that he was an escaping slave. Nichols, not Barnes. So he was convicted then? Isn’t that a triumph of The System and a counter-argument to your vile race-baiting, white boy? No. What criminal, in the dock for rape, could beat up a (black) female deputy, turn her gun on his judge as well as a few other people and then not be subject to execution in a capital punishment state? Only a black one. He played the race card with great skill making a capital charge impossible given the jury pool and perhaps the preferences of the DA. Hey, he thought he was Kunte Kinte! Do we believe that? No, but for the sake of racial solidarity we shall pretend that we do.

A similar state of affairs obtains in our schools. Complaints abound that black students are subject to much harsher punishments than non-blacks (though hispanics split the middle). This is not and cannot be anything other than invidious racial profiling and dogpiling. In the popular treatments, the immediate question of whether black students offend at a greater rate or with greater severity is written right out as further racism. In the academic treatments, they claim they find no evidence of this, but they have not looked very hard. Where the student body is largely black you will find the teachers are largely black and management uniformly so. Does this make a difference? Where the situation is inverted it certainly does. White dominance in any office, in any field, in any corner of society is taken as racism on its face by those who make their millions casting all Brothers and Sisters, like Nichols, as runaway slaves, absolved of any legal or moral code excepting only race loyalty, and even that is situational. Clarence Thomas or any other black figure that is other than a Rainbow Coalition enthusiast is bleached out culturally. He is an Oreo, an Uncle Tom as are the few students who do manage to buck the tide that makes Jay-Z some sort of hero and book learning, even discernible english, the mark of the sellout. But where black officials blatantly gorge themselves on the blood of black children; selling the educational opportunities of our entire city for six-figure contracts, it is the children who take the hit. The cannibals are lionized and, of course, the charges against them dismissed as racial animosity.

What foundation there is for complaining of continued invidious racism against our black citizens is limited to the area of drug crimes. Yes, the famous sentencing divide between crack and coke does exist and is most unfavorable to the crack-smokers. On this obvious fact all the other charges are hung. But the Drug War is obsolete, illogical and damaging for all while it is condemned by nearly NO high figure of any color. Is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, Jr or Sr against the Drug War on principle? Ah, heck no. Here we find race solidarity selectively applied as even black bigwigs in government or media can expect lenient treatment as opposed to a street thug like Marcus Jones who will murderously flee rather than face even the small risk of further, lengthy confinement. His only hope would be to learn to rap on the cell block and gain his Get Out Of Jail card for later use. Better to game the system on the front end as his looney-tunes defense attempts to do, and go for a race-assisted acquittal.

What nasty disparities exist however, you will find at the federal level where only the biggest fish are taken for cleaning. The vast majority of offenders will sit in State or municipal courts. In Atlanta the black defendant may take heart while the victim of any hue had best expect little in the way of justice. The much revered Judge Marvin Arrington went a bit too far (or just too publicly) in having bailiffs clear the court of white faces to administer some tough talk to augment his breezy sentencing but his admission of impropriety altered exactly nothing. Still the chambers have a revolving door; still it is a march of recidivists and still laughable sentences are handed down for repeated, heinous crimes which are not even served, being likewise commuted for reasons of racial solidarity by paroles, pardons and judicially ordered mass releases. When even attempted murder with the most obvious and well-witnessed malice draws essentially NO penalty because the thug in question goes to a prominent black college, what hope is there for deterrent punishment? And when the gangsta culture with all its violence, misogyny and naked race hatreds is rewarding a reputation for thuggery with millions, where does the weight of incentive lie? Even further does the Black Ship of Race turn into a malignity which blames, perpetually, its prey for its predations.

Chuck D, eschewing his “slave name” (at least the slave surname) made a pile with Public Enemy; a pioneering institution of rap and hip-hop but STILL is a grievance merchant of the most odious stripe. The title of one album is exemplary of this infectious mindset. “It takes a nation of millions to hold us down!” This millionaire of free enterprise and free speech complains that now, and no doubt, for always, even the record label is no more than a slavemaster and its captive contractors, merely slaves. This while responding to semi-decadal challenges to his wisdom, that he and PE firmly believe in equality, racial and otherwise. Needless to say, denying obvious bunkum like this is also racist. Well, strap in for some amazing racism then. Chuck, you have it twisted. It has taken a nation of millions to prop you up! No one has been holding you down except other black hands and black minds; said impediments you wave as badges of black honor on your black holidays and in your black classrooms paid largely with white funds; taxed or donated.

Which brings us to the obvious target of my redneck race-assed ire. Yes, that is Barack Hussein Obama although he is merely the tip of a black iceberg that has already done so much to damage this nation and all her people. There is scarcely a black public figure out there, excepting only the few, courageous black conservatives, that are not now on record as blissfully and intentionally ignorant of politics, economics, the law, current events, geopolitical issues or indeed any substantive aspect of public affairs. These Public Enemies frankly state, as Samuel Jackson did, Obama’s policies never meant shit to them. Indeed, they never could tell one from another as the brutally revealing youtube archives show. The campaign and vote for Barack Obama was, is and shall ever be nothing but an exercise in race solidarity, the country or simple decency be damned. Literally. As fake preacher Jeremiah Wright damned America so is every vote or other act of support for Barack Obama or his legion of race-hustling self-dealers a damnation of this country and ALL its inhabitants of any color. The white Obama vote? This is nakedly marxist when it is not nakedly ignorant and pusillanimous. The black electorate holds the white voters in thrall, including a program of thuggish intimidation. The threat is to be denounced as a racist if there is any objection to a racist regime destroying all it finds within its tentacles.

The upside? It is vast and just. The black population, whether explicitly on handouts or merely serving a market that would not exist without handouts, is thoroughly dependent on the balance of the nation. Now, whether we care to or not, we cannot continue the exertions that have propped up the black seventh of this country. No, no. The accounts are as exhausted as the hearts, so bitterly disappointed at the valueless assessment black Americans have laid on their chance to be, yes, full and equal participating citizens. Blacks have spat on America and white Americans in particular for fifty years while drawing their sustenance from us. Expect no wisdom or regret at this; that would be as unmanly as treating a woman or a baby with something approaching respect. That doesn’t change the fact that black America trucks in greenbacks; dollars, not just bling-bling. YOUR pockets are being picked just as quickly as anyone and you have forgotten or renounced the habits that could refill them. As that old gag headline reads; World Ending, Blacks Hardest Hit. This applies to the political and fiscal world as well. It’s the end of the world as we know it so maybe, just maybe, one braindead ghetto loser who has taken his baseless grudges out on the innocent will feel the pinch. Good thing it was a little black girl he maimed, otherwise the Troy Davis crowd would be down there bustin’ him out.


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7 Responses to “The Amazing Race”

  1. Replace Black with Latino or Hispanic and you have what is happening in Kalifornia. They want to make it so that an unlicensed illegal alien driving illegally cannot have his car taken away. That on top of all the other things that are given away and are funded by my tax dollars. Illegals are now allowed to take tax funded scholarships etc etc etc. White America sits back and pays for this massive giveaway of our hard earned dollars to people who hate us. Yes there are white scam artists who feed off the system too. Just as there are good hardworking people of other races trying to keep this country propped up.I have equal disdain for anyone gaming the system. America is doomed to fail.

  2. Now, that you write this, how about an observation of middle eastern views on natural and non natural americans.

    I have no idea who your trying to insult. it sounds like there isn’t much direction in your writing except your stillpissed of your car got stolen and you only had liability insurance….. If you know so much about this type of material, which i think you don’t, you would have full coverage insurance just of the simple fact that you are aware of occupational hassards of being white. Your ambiguity has insulted everyone, including yourself by writing this….. please pick other topics besides culture or most importantly race. You write like a lose cannon biggot.

    Whites do have an indirect ambiguous privilege. Find out where those privileges stop, and you will have the margin for many different perspectives in how to look at each culture differently. SInce you are white, don’t forget, you have no idea to what it is like to feel what the other races do, nor can you know what each one is thinking in each individualized situation, if the races seats changed in each situation with each character. The crime i mean. I have sophomores who write very well like you but it sounds like something that was a collective out of rush hour traffic. Pure word vomit.

    If you’re going to hack the judicial system, you’re gonna need a shit ton of statistics to show court cases are the EXACT SAME in CRIME & PUNISHMENT.

    Quit spinning this web of convoluted commiserated BULL-SHIT. Go wake up whit tomorrow and butter your bread on the white side. Re-evaluate how you write. Your job depends on it.

    You said it yourself, without the statistics or even with…. you being white alone makes this article arrogant, insensitive, derogatory, racist and for lack of a better word for a liberal monkey with a keyboard, IGNORANT….. I’ll give you 50 guess on where i am from….. I will also tell you I am a white SOB Marine that has no respect for this site just because of this article.
    In my opinion, your analysis is mostly, vaguely geographic and other legalities and facts about the cases are different. You clustered child endangerment in many different areas rather the same area. Across the nation…….WHERE ARE YOU FROM WHITE BOY??? WHAT DO YOU DRIVE NOW? THE TWO INCIDENCES ARE SEPARATE. NO RELATION. JEEPS GET STOLEN ALL THE TIME!!!!!

    Since you did not isolate your article’s geographics, demographics as forensics, chronological or clustered uses, I lost interest in your article half way though.

    Tighten your transitions up, break up your paragraphs more, and go back to grad school…. SOmeone there will be happy to assist you in how to write a proper thesis. YOU HAVE NONE.

    You got great material, but your organization is a complete cluster F*ck. SO it is pointless and too emotional/ethos and has a serious lack of logos.

    Your lesson is to only get insurance for your vehicle. FULLY.

    Tax dollars are directly in who WE vote for….wanan change the system of electoral voting ? Be my guest. You’re not big enough and white people only want to see black people put away…. turn to nancy grace…what white pretty woman is missing now…… this is what you sound like…. a discourse of a Nancy Grace episode unfiltered.

    I rest at that.

  3. I said nothing about insurance. Who are you , freakazoid? Sounds like you are in a wrap-around jacket typing this with your nose.

  4. ‘major communication’. it was hard to continue reading after the improper use of you’re. i have no idea who ‘you’re trying to insult’, ‘you’re stillpissed?’. how about ‘major miscommunication’?… sheesh.

  5. If “Major Communication” does happen to be a Marine, he would know that there are only 2 colors of Marines. Dark green and light green.

  6. Right on. Im not ambiguous of my color.

    Im not a freaking editor or positioned to edit my shit formally so you can easily disipher it. Your the “continuous thought” writ.

    I read your background. Its great if you weren’t confined to the media and world of warcraft for your inner freaking Chi either.

    I don’t care about my grammar as so much as what you ATTEMPT to represent. freakazoid is a word that you probably got used to being called.

    Mega, like i said. re-evaluate. If your trying to regurgitate Tim Wise your doing it wrong.

    Semper Fi, John.


  7. The one intriguing element is that grammar is properly spelled. The rest is a poor Scrabble draw. Well Major, if you’re out there, here is the follow up. http://whenfallsthecoliseum.com/2012/03/12/elegy-for-marcus-jones/
    I have no idea who Tim Wise is.

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