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A quick hitt on Mitt

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Events have disappointed Massachusetts Mitt but not fatally. On the Monday before the Tuesday there were Rep Est douchebot gunslingers out on the airwaves openly speculating that if Romney couldn’t put Santorum away in Michigan!? Well, the muckies would have to entertain a late term abortion, drawing Romney out like a bi-racial bastard and replacing him, Torch-style… with whom? Jeb Bush seemed to be warming up but he did so by taking the contempt and revulsion Romney has for those who think the problem with the nation is excessive socialism, and doubling down. How this could be done, legally or even within existing Party rules is not discussed. As with the government proper, in the penumbras of Leviathan like the Party machinery there is not a disdain for the law, precedent or simple fairness. Rather these are alien concepts; really alinguist exhalations like the moan of a ghost to the bi-partisan, multi-racial and gender mixed claque of face-smilers and back-stabbers. Their enthusiasm for Jeb, the Chris Christie of the Dynastic Bushes, should be enough to cool the ignorant approbation his name and mug commands. But while Romney did NOT put away Rick, neither was he put away himself. It cost him some four times as much to earn his 41% as Santorum expended to get his 38% but what the hell? To Mitt, it’s only money.

There has been a real benefit to the former Governor. America has gotten to know him just a bit better, and that is what all candidates claim to want, right? I need more exposure! Folks just don’t know me, they haven’t heard My Story. They haven’t heard my 59 Point Plan to Take Back America. If they had I would be at 80% and well positioned to exterminate that other twenty! But it just isn’t that simple. Only now is he realizing it. Even a dedicated student of Mitt of Mass like myself has learned more about the Hair Apparent. Here’s a rockin’ revealing quote that is decades old and prominent on wikipedia but has seen precious little daylight. “I never want to run for something again unless I can win,” he confided to his brother after his stropping by Ted Kennedy. Whatever could this mean? Of course he COULD win, in the sense he was on the ballot and eligible for office. More than that he enjoyed the backing of a major party, even in the northeast, and was at least as well-funded as the famously heeled Kennedy Machine. We know what he meant. He would never again bet his precious dignity unless it were a Sure Thing. We will be charitable and say he was only thinking of the Primaries and doesn’t believe himself a shoo-in for the highest office. Mitt is engaging in Electoral Determinism; a concept much like Manifest Destiny except it applies to a single candidate with obvious competition and opposition. Most candidates do that for PR reasons during their campaigns, like Newt has been introducing himself as the next President since he decided to run. Mitt was making a private admission to his blood. What a secret is revealed here. The Turnaround Artist isn’t interested in getting his hands dirty or even his collar tugged. If it is not a golden chalice on a silver server he has no interest. It tells you much about this man, this alleged Captain of Industry and it tells you much about his supporters and their support.

What is the “argument” for Romney? Scare quotes are employed because I have yet to hear one. The lion’s share of his support that is not explicitly based on his appearance or image is founded on nothing but solipsistic Electoral Determinism. “He can win,” they say. In legal terms ANY of them can win, right? They are on the ballot and they fulfill the eligibility requirements. What the Romnoids mean is that Mitt can plausibly draw together 51% of this splinter and 39% of that. He might take 2% of the black vote, given that some are Mormons! What they really mean, if you probe, is that, in their usually newly formed opinion, none of these other jerks has a chance! But, as I and others contend, it is Romney who is, as Santorum put it so well,  “uniquley unqualified” because the main pillar of Obama-ism is Obamacare which IS Romneycare. Do Mitt’s minions know the facts here? They seem to know them better than Mitt yet they have proven remarkably pliable; accepting the pebbles of diversion Mitt emits at provocation because they find that more palatable than Newt‘s bombast, Rick‘s sanctimony or Ron‘s absurdity. Here is demonstrated the nauseating fact that, as in physics, in politics there are NO attractive forces, only repellent ones that collude to push one decisively towards that person, policy or particle that is marginally less repulsive. But the Romnoids and nearly everyone else participate without understanding. This is why in politics, as Bush Sr liked to say, one has only two outcomes; to be a bitter disappointment or a pleasant surprise.

Mitt admits, in an unguarded moment, he will play only a fixed game. And he demonstrates every day that he means it. Trump, plumping Romney, complains that Santorum lost his last election by an unseemly margin, yet Mitt did not even run for re-election as Governor. Why? Bad polling. But for Mitt, that was the Smart Move, like crafting a Kennedy Approved medical contraption for Massachusetts; like being pro-choice when running locally but pro-life when running nationally. Just as the exclusion of opposition from the primaries in Virginia was the Smart Move and agitating for an open primary was a Smart Move in his Home State (thrice removed) of Michigan, until it seemed that Santorum would benefit rather than himself. Party Loyalty is also a newly acquired principle of Mr Romney who proudly campaigned and voted for Democrats while declaring himself an Independent or even a Progressive depending on the audience and their electoral profile.

Across the nation one can hear the liquid murmur of furrowed brows. The Romnoids make a counter-explosion; they have their list of similar sins by all the others AND WORSE! Still they can make no positive case for their man. Less can they rebut the Santorum Assertion that Mitt is “uniquely disqualified”. Even laying aside that largest of impedimentia, no, there is NO issue, NO legislation, NO event, NO statement, NO aspect of character, experience or background on which Mitt stands superior to any other from a Conservative perspective. None. Not one. Mitt derides Santorum for raising the debt ceiling, and so do I. Does anyone believe that a Senator Romney would have stood firmly against either Bush or Obama? Where he is adamant he is fatally vapid. Every speach he makes his stock declaration; I will repeal Obamacare! It is shocking to see this laugh line earn thundering applause from Republican Primary voters. Clearly they do not know what Obamacare is or Romney’s hand in its birth. Why will you repeal Obamacare, Mitt? What will you do about medical inflation? “Nothing” would be an acceptable answer to me, if few others but this would violate Mitt’s bedrock principle that HE is indispensable. Mitt claims that Obama is out of ideas…. oh, we could only wish! But if he were out of ideas it would be Romney’s ideas he is out of.

It becomes a justification for Romney being unwilling to play a straight game that a straight game does not favor a Romney victory. This should be a sufficiently repellent revelation to eject those who oppose any party, person or policies beyond the scope of the limits placed on the federal government by the Constitution and all government by the principles of Liberty, from the Romney bandwagon. No dice. What is the hope? Oh, we might have to drag Mitt to the Right but see, he’s moved so much already, it proves we can! Bitter Disappointment Alert: Romney is as far to the Right today; denouncing the 1%, making squishy demagogic excuses for his mild opposition to the auto bailouts, with his principled support for TARP, his demonstrated enthusiasm for Keynesian economics, his open derision of energetic and frank opposition to Obama… he is as far to the Right as he shall ever get.

The good news? He is gutless. If things look difficult in the least he will shrink, cry and go on home, wherever that really is. We will see him off now or Obama will do so in the general, and quite easily. What then?

Then, friends. We get started.

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