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Top ten little known facts about United States Presidents

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10. George Washington never said “I cannot tell a lie” – though he did originate the phrase “gettin’ jiggy wit it”

9. President William Howard Taft was so fat, once, while entering the White House, he got stuck between two columns

8. During his Fireside Chats, FDR liked to roast marshmallows

7. Richard Nixon actually enjoyed lying to the American people

6. Bill Clinton was the recipient of more ‘Lewinskis’ than any other President

5. ‘Rough Rider’ was a nickname given to Teddy Roosevelt by his wife

4. George W. Bush was already reading at a third-grade level by the time he was nominated

3. Barack Obama has used the White House’s tanning salon less frequently than any other President

2. Abraham Lincoln was not gay – however, Mary Todd Lincoln was a man

1. Mitt Romney was unquestionably our worst President, irreparably destroying the country

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