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Audio files: The worst thing about music is the people who play it

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I’m back with a rare Thursday night edition of  the once weekly and now sporadic “Audio Files” column.  And look out, because I’m armed with the contents of my Google Reader, namely…

The new David Lynch album, which apparently summons a bit of energy from…Peter Frampton? Via a Lynch profile in the Telegraph:

Lynch plays guitar and sings, sometimes in his own voice, sometimes in a voice altered by a vocoder machine, “or using this strange thing like – what’s the guy’s name?” wonders Lynch. “Oh shoot, the famous guitar player that speaks with a tube in the guitar?” Peter Frampton?

FYI: Frampton once (allegedly) hit on my mom, in an elevator. She didn’t let him “come alive” though. (I wonder what a Skepchick would have done?)


Found a great Mike Patton interview from way back when (during the recording of Faith No More’s Angel Dust album). Some transcript gems:

  • …music sucks. I hate all music now…I really don’t like to listen to music very much anymore….nothing’s doing it. I’m not gonna blame anybody but…I’ll let you know when I figure it out…It’s pretty sad.
  • Grotus is one of my favorite bands!…they’re not danceable. That’s just a really hard thing to find these days. Something you can’t dance to.
  • There’s a lot of bands that I think you could listen to now and not be able to tell what era they come from, and I bet that those bands think that’s really magical and timeless…but it’s bullshit. It doesn’t sound like anything.
  • You know, I read this interview with [the Black Crowes] and one of the guys’ quotes from the band was…something like, ‘Oh gee, I guess to be original nowadays you have to bang on a badger carcass or something like that. I don’t wanna do that just to be original.’ It just made me think, well I mean, god, I’d love to bang on a badger carcass. I think most people would. Whether it’s original or not is beside the point.
  • I think it’s probably a good thing that computers just  take over music. Because computers are a lot more messed up than people…I think computers could kind of take it to a new level. I’m all for it. [People] are the worst! That’s the worst thing about music, the people that play it.
  • We want to become a disco band. We’re here to defend disco from the likes of our guitar player and people like that, who were asleep during the whole era and really missed the point.

The entire load of those Angel Dust interviews can be found here. To read an interview where Diamanda Galas berates Patton, click here. Quote:

God, there’s this shithead out there, Mike Patton. He imitates me. He imitates everybody. That motherfucker short fuckin’ midget, he was at all my shows in the ‘90s. He wrote in Wire magazine that I don’t improvise. I just laughed.


Steve Albini has a food blog.


I highly recommend Ice-T‘s latest book. I finished it last summer, and there are some great anecdotes in it, such as Ice’s descrip­tion of a car acci­dent involv­ing Flavor Flav:

Flavor gets out of the rental car and for one minute he’s trans­formed back into William Drayton — he’s no longer crazy-ass Flavor Flav. He’s talk­ing to me like an attor­ney, in his real voice. ‘Ice, I am really sorry for this mishap.’ None of that ‘Yeeaaaaaah, boy­eeeee!’ shit.


How does everyone feel about Red Sovine? Found this LP cover on Jim Blanchard‘s Flickr page:

Red Sovine

Of Red Sovine, a friend once said:

A great nugget I discovered this week is that truckin’ Dave Dudley is from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, the same town in which yours truly finished college.  See Dave below (also from Jim B’s collection):

George And The North Woods

Blanchard’s Flickr page is loaded with gems. Here are some more, and they’re not just for truckers:

Gloria Roe


Sam Allen


My new Twitter BFF Lucy has an uncle who was in this band. Remember them?

Here’s what’s on my playlist this week:


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