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A rant and a wish for Thanksgiving

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First, something for which I am less-than-thankful, this Thanksgiving … my annual plea to the media to please, please, PLEASE ignore the people waiting for hours-on-end outside the doors of some megamania superstore, jostling to be the first to glom onto some Black Friday bargain.

I know, I know … too late … especially now that Black Friday begins on Thursday, or even Wednesday … especially now that some people are going to greater lengths to get their fifteen minutes of fame … this last, perhaps, best exemplified by some mook in a ‘Tigger’ costume, camped out for Black Friday.

And, yes …  I realize I’m contributing to the very thing about which I’m complaining, by sharing/spreading the video,

To give CNN Headline News credit, though, at least they placed the report on that guy in a proper perspective by also airing reports on the steps being taken to place a holiday meal on the tables of mess halls in Afghanistan, for our men and women of the armed forces … and what soup kitchens are doing to provide a Thanksgiving meal to others who are camped out on the streets tonight (NOT because they want the biggest, best TV e-vah … but because they have no place else to go).

Sheesh, Jeff! Enough ranting already!

So, I will close with this … wherever you are, whoever you are … a happy, safe and blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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