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Who cares about Corzine

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When I read the news these days, I hit two sites first and foremost: The Drudge Report and Instapundit.  This morning, Mr. Drudge greeted me with a picture of John Corzine’s bearded mug and the hairline which hasn’t so much receded as it has engaged in a rapid, tactical removal of forces from a hopeless battle front.  Mr. Reynolds at Instapundit was posting links about the man and MF Global at 11:30 PM last night.  It seems that the guy did something truly horrendous or some such, I read where he lost a bit of money, but really: Why does anyone care about John Corzine?

And I ask this with all seriousness.  Why does anyone care about John Corzine?  What did the guy do?  We find a link to the story from both Drudge and Instapundit:

The amount of customer money missing from the collapsed trading firm MF Global may be more than $1.2 billion — double previous estimates — the trustee dismantling the firm’s brokerage unit said on Monday.

But the surprise finding, which caught regulators off guard, may be overstated, according to a person briefed on the investigation. Some regulators say they believe that the trustee double-counted $220 million that had been transferred between units of MF Global, this person said.

Link to the story from the Grey Lady

Well…  So what?  $1.2 billion are missing and a prominent Democratic politician was in charge of the operation?

This just in: Dog bites man.

Why is it even news these days when a politician screws over the US citizens he’s sworn to protect?

It seriously makes no sense.  Why people are focused on what John Corzine did with the money from all of those thousands of customers, and why he isn’t being charged with a crime, and not even more outraged at Obama, Bush, and Clinton, I’ll never know.

Yes, you read it right.  Where’s the outrage over the Madoff style bamboozle The Last Three Presidents have presided over?  Corzine botched it on $1.2 billion?  Pfffff…  What a piker.  Obama, Bush, and Clinton were all in charge of distributing the money raised, and the federal money earmarked for foreign aid, in Haiti following their devastating earthquake.  CBS reported at the time that this totaled up to $15 billion in aid and donations:

The $14.9 billion donated so far works out to nearly $10,000 for each of the estimated 1.5 million Haitians left homeless and displaced by the disaster. On average, workers there earn just $4 a day. The funding includes emergency aid as well as pledges to help rebuild Haiti to a state better than it was before: new hospitals, clinics, school systems, government buildings, better sanitation and a more modern infrastructure.

And how has this money been spent?

The cholera epidemic affecting Haiti looks set to be far worse than officials had thought, experts fear.

Rather than affecting a predicted 400,000 people, the diarrhoeal disease could strike nearly twice as many as this, latest estimates suggest.


And from three months ago…

US weather experts warned of “torrential rain” and “life-threatening flash floods and mud slides” once the brunt of Emily reaches Haiti, compounding the misery for the impoverished Caribbean nation still recovering from a January 2010 earthquake.

Some 300,000 Haitians still living in makeshift camps almost 19 months after the quake may have to battle up to 20 inches of rain cascading down muddy, denuded hillsides.

UK Telegraph on Haitian tent cities

Look at the pictures of life in Haiti:

Bunches of tents filled with poor, filthy people suffering the ravages of disease, violence, and sexual assaults?  It’s not #OccupyPort-au-Prince, those are EVERYONE’S living conditions, despite the $15 billion in aid raised 2 years ago.

I know that if I had gotten the $10,000 that CBS reported was going to every person there, well, by golly I’d have something a bit more substantial to live in than a sheet draped over two freakin’ sticks for my family of 12.

$15 billion dollars, an amount of money equal to that which Madoff fleeced from his victims.  A literal magnitude of 10 greater than Corzine’s balance sheet errors.

And not a peep…


The millions of kind hearted, generous Americans who opened their wallets BIG time, during a horrible recession, to help the lives of those less fortunate than they need to be asking some pointed questions at a few other politicians, politicians who stole a much larger pile of loot.

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  1. In time, and not much, you will see that Corzine IS indicted. Whatever other waste is going on, the money sent to Haiti was given voluntarily. The funds absconded from MF were parked there, like a bank account. It’s not the same thing at all and I for one, perhaps being from New Jersey, DO care about Corzine and hope to see him shuffled off in handcuffs and orange

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