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Newt rises as others falter

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Alex Hoffman is an award winning political cartoonist. His cartoons have been published by The Daily Bruin, The Commentator, Cartoon Movement, American Thinker and The Libertas Institute. He's currently the graphic artist behind Townhall's political ecard site, Freedom Cards.

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3 Responses to “Newt rises as others falter”

  1. Newt is the worst of a bad brand. Everyone, including the Left, has been telling him he is a genius for twenty years. Newt has LOTS of IDEAS! As if we measure ideas by the bushel or the ton. He is the smartest man in any room he enters, so long as it is an outhouse capable of handling just one customer at a time.

  2. I agree. I keep hearing how Newt’s been winning these debates. As far as I can tell, to win a debate you just ignore the question and attack the person asking it. I’ll bet at least half of his current supporters are only supporting him now, because everyone’s been saying he’s the next guy they’re supposed to support.

  3. The cartoon fails because Newt has avoided attacking other Republicans. A better cartoon would be him waiting in line with a take a number ticket, or something along those lines.

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