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Audio files: My favorite fan-made YouTube videos

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We’re all familiar with the genius of YouTube; how it lets the unknown masses contribute to pop culture as freely and often as they’d like. But lately I’ve taken a particular shine to YouTube’s vast array of fan-made music videos (i.e. fan-chosen footage splattered onto musicians’ songs).

A few such gems recently caught my attention.

First there is MGMT‘s “Time to Pretend.” The footage consists entirely of  panoramic BBC nature shots. It’s a 4-minute-22-second synopsis of life itself. No joke:

Next, some fan broke out the dreary existentialism of the beach and deftly applied it to Smog‘s “All Your Women Things.” Pretty good.

I also really like this take on the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “I’m Only Happy When it Rains” (demo version). It’s slow developing and doesn’t use too many shots (frames?), but it has a nice little understated payoff at the end:

Then there’s Flash Gordon. Set to the great music of Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Queen. Spectacular shards of awesomeness all around.

And we’ll always have the Legion of Rock Stars to give us such perfectly transmogrified content as:

That collapsing expression of song got me on the hunt for the most rewarding of musical disasters: The grade school band. Check out this version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” by an adorable group of scamps. They really thunder through that shit.

I’m not making fun of them though. I feel their angst. I remember when my high school wind ensemble slaughtered Toto‘s “Africa.” Just a wholly owned subsidiary of total f#cking crap.

Anyway, here is what’s powering up my playlist lately.


  • “Let England Shake,” PJ Harvey (You’ve got to see the video for this song; it’s set in an abandoned amusement park and filled with all sorts of strange dystopian energy.)

’til next time.

— mc


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