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Candidate Obama vs. President Obama on Libya

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Alex Hoffman is an award winning political cartoonist. His cartoons have been published by The Daily Bruin, The Commentator, Cartoon Movement, American Thinker and The Libertas Institute. He's currently the graphic artist behind Townhall's political ecard site, Freedom Cards.

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3 Responses to “Candidate Obama vs. President Obama on Libya”

  1. BOOOOO!
    you have to allow for politicians to speak with the diplomatic relations of the moment in mind. sometimes it’s not about speaking the absolute truth – it’s about speaking to the truth of the world as it exists at that moment.

  2. I don’t disagree. Changes in situations can rightly make politicians change their stated position on an issue. However, the U.S. Constitution doesn’t have that luxury and that’s all I really was trying to say.

  3. no no no Dan… Obama was to shut down Gitmo, end war etc…. he said so and his minions said so. He started a war (after a Nobel) and Gitmo is still there. He sold guns to mexican Cartels and he bailed out the banks that OWS hates….. put the blame where it is due, squarley on Obamas shoulders. Killing Sadam was bad, but killing Ghadafi was good? Protests in Egypt are good but Tea parties are bad?….. You hypocrittes are amazing…. Obama cannot speak the truth at all… Ghadafi death pics good, Osama death pics bad….. Obama stood up and said Ghadafi dictator bad, Osama bad but you Americans are to dumb to see the pics……. Bush had his screw ups but he did not blame 911 on Clinton (and he should have) he did not blame the loss of former military trust on Waco and Ruby Ridge on Clinton (but he should have) …. we know there is more to blame on Clinton but Bush dealt with it…. Obama cried like a baby “Bushy did it wahhhhhh”

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