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The Jessie Books & National Coming Out Day

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In honor of National Coming Out Day, I’d like to steer your awareness in the direction of a project I hold very close to my heart… a project that will maybe, one day, help eliminate the need for a specified day where the public and government are encouraged to raise their awareness of something that in my opinion, is seemingly natural. Sadly, that is not a nationally shared opinion — yet. Luckily for most, although “she” came out last week, I would like to introduce you to a little girl named Jessie. My co-authors Phylliss DelGreco, Kathryn Silverio and I have written a series of children’s books. Seven books (one for each day of the week) about a little girl named Jessie, growing up in the city with her two moms. The focus of each story is Jessie and her adventures. The focus is not on her parents. Jeanne Sager wrote a wonderful blog about “The Jessie Books.” She summed it up perfectly, “… they created a series of books about a little girl who just so happens to have two moms, but otherwise is exactly like any curious tot who enjoys playing… She’s not OK despite her moms. She’s OK. Period.”

“The Jessie Books” approach life from the perspective of acceptance, where differences among us are cause for celebration and curiosity, and not the basis for prejudice. We are not there yet — but Kathy, Phylliss and I are so hopeful that we will be there soon — and that maybe — just maybe — seven stories about a little girl from New York City may have had something to do with it.

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