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Let the field be weak, let it be crazy, let it be unelectable

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It’s every place I visit when I surf the net.  It’s the topic of conversations through the day.  People are not happy with Obama, but they don’t see anyone around the country whom they feel should be elected over him.  The current field of GOP candidates are boring, weak, useless, pandering idiots, just like all of the other popularity contest winners in DC, and yet people still, after years of experience to the contrary, expect one of these talking heads to have “all of the answers”.

Make no mistake.  America is looking for an answer, and I believe we have yet to even frame the question which would precede it.  People are always polled, they’re always talking with each other, about the economy, jobs, entitlements, the moronic media, on and on and on…  How are we going to fix this?  What are we going to do about that?  Why can’t the politicians be responsible and fix all of these problems?

Everyone wants to know the same thing.  “My life:  how are you going to make it better for me?”  It makes me want to vomit.

The answer America is looking for cannot be found in a candidate running for public office.  None of the people standing up there on stage during the debates can provide it to you, the same as Obama couldn’t, even though it’s what he promised in 2008.  The answer is individual, it is different for each person, but our society has become so accustomed to sitting in front of the talking boxes, waiting to hear the answer from someone else the way they wait for the talking heads to tell them what clothes to buy, or which music they should give a listen, that they do not realize it is all within their power to change their own lives, to be happy without depending upon another person for that happiness. 

We cannot spend our way into prosperity and we cannot vote our way into happiness. No ten step plan will ever lead you to a happiness you couldn’t have attained for yourself without the assistance.  The only thing that is going to turn this country around is for each and every single one of us to realize that we must stand up and live our own lives, take our own journey, do for our own selves.

If every American resolved to do enough work to feed himself and his family for the day, every day, imagine how much it would change the country.  The most basic requirement of human existence, scorned and ignored in this country because people would rather lounge in the social safety net than climb back up and take another swing on the capitalist trapeze.  This country’s fortunes won’t be reversed until THAT is reversed.

And it’s an individual choice each of us has to make.

We most certainly have the government we deserve.  That’s why no one is happy with our choices for 2012.

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  1. Just so.

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