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Chester Marcol’s cocaine blues

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Former Green Bay Packers kicker Chester Marcol’s new autobiography looks to be a real humdinger.

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, an excerpt:

“I had tried coke for the first time the week before, as training camp was winding down at St. Norbert’s College in DePere, Wisconsin. I was at a party and a woman asked me if I wanted to buy a gram for one hundred dollars. I vaguely remembered a friend warning me, ‘Don’t ever do cocaine. You might like it and get hooked.’  But I was drinking – I already had a problem with alcohol at that point – and your intellect doesn’t function very well when you’re drunk. So I bought the coke and tried it. To say I liked it would be an enormous understatement.

“Within a very short amount of time, I was buying a quarter-ounce of cocaine a week. I had purchased Kruggerands, gold pieces, as an investment and I remember going to the bank to withdraw them and selling them one at a time so I could buy coke. I ended up putting those Kruggerands right up my nose.

“My friend was right. I liked cocaine. I REALLY liked it. The second I snorted the drug for the first time, I was hooked. During the 1980 season, until I was cut by Coach [Bart] Starr, I used cocaine before every game. To this day, I’m convinced the coaches and management never knew about my coke use.

“When I discovered cocaine, it was the beginning of the end. Between alcohol, the prescription drugs I was abusing, and coke –especially coke – I was hardly ever sober anymore. In short order, I became an absolute mess.

“That’s why the Packers cut me. I couldn’t perform because of my drug use, though the team had no way of knowing that cocaine, alcohol, and pills were the reason for my erratic kicking. Drug-testing in the N.F.L. was still years away. I’m sure my decline baffled Starr and the coaching staff.”


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