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Greenback Lantern: Everything you need to know about Green Lantern before you submit yourself to his new film

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If you’re thinking of going to the time, trouble, and expense of attending the new “Green Lantern” film, you should probably read the comic below, in preparation. Not to be melodramatic, but if you don’t, you won’t know what’s really going on:



Copyright Crisis: Mockey Mouse Vs. Superiorman.

Green Lantern is lame.

The Superman copyfight race.

RottenTomatoBot battles the film critics who gave negative reviews to the movie “Kick Ass.”

Ricky Sprague occasionally writes and/or draws things. He sometimes animates things. He has a Twitter account and he has a blog. He scripted this graphic novel about Kolchak The Night Stalker. He is really, really good at putting links in bios.
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