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Trying to tell my grandkids about SXSW 2011

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“We slept in a bungalow! On the floor!”

“After waiting in line for 3 hours, we were lucky enough to see a 30 minute comedy show…for free!”

“As far as the eye could see, there were free energy drinks…and boy did we drink them.  We drank them all.  We were sick as dogs.”

“Love was in the air.  More often than not, you could see couples embracing each other in heated passion, right there on the street.  Any time of day.  Any time.”

“Everywhere you walked, there were enormous crowds of smelly youth.  By the day’s end, your own body would reek of Pabst and the odors of passing strangers.”

“We got to drive through Texas…and Oklahoma!”

“Everyone had iPad 2s!”

“The streets were filled with the sounds of death metal bands and unsigned country acts all morning!  Nothing like sitting down to a french toast breakfast at 8am while you are barraged with the worst music you’ve ever heard.”

“Nobody wore shirts!”

“We would walk 6 miles downtown, stand around for 5 hours, then walk 6 miles back uptown to the bungalow.  We felt great.”

“Did I tell you we also drove through Arkansas? I think I forgot to tell you that.  We saw the little rock.  It’s in Little Rock.  It was kind of big.  Don’t go to Little Rock.”

“There used to be a saying that everything was bigger in Texas.  People would say, ‘Everything is bigger in Texas.’ We found this to not only be true of the state itself, but also in the way of migraine headaches and feelings of extreme anxiety experienced while within the borders.”

“We had the best time.”

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