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Charlie Sheen is more rational and honest than anyone else on TV

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I think Charlie Sheen is making perfect sense, and that from his point of view, from his experience and position in life, he’s entirely correct.

Is that a scary thing?

What is actually a remarkably accurate self assessment is being confused with insane arrogance by people who don’t understand what he’s saying, something he is happy to point out, further enraging them. Why shouldn’t he be cocky?  By every measure of success that society pushes upon us, he’s kicking ass and taking names. He is living “The Dream”, as it is so often presented to us.

Look, all of the legendary actors/performers/politicians have been the exact same. Charlie Sheen is sleeping with pornstars? So what? He could sleep with every pornstar in SoCal and still pale in comparison to JFK and, probably, Clinton. Teddy Kennedy was apparently renting out entire brothels at a time

Charlie Sheen is snorting 7 gram rocks at a time? So? Obama has admitted that he likes the ye-oh as well. Can you name a legendary actor or musician who hasn’t had a substance abuse problem? Bill Hicks made a very convincing case that you could almost theorize that hardcore drug use makes great art, and that drug use so severe that it kills is what makes the ultimate art. From Jimi dropping an eyedropper full of LSD then going on stage and lighting his guitar on fire to Ozzy doing whatever he was doing when he gnawed the head off a bat, the most memorable performances are often fueled by super-human drug use.

Van Gogh? Everyone loves that guy. Was he any more sane than Charlie Sheen? He drank a lot of absinthe, which even if you discount as a psychoactive substance, is still alcoholic. He walked out into a field and shot himself.  His work will be remembered for hundreds of years.

If you’re an entertainer, especially a comedian, coke is often the drug of choice. Look at all of the successful comedians who had a coke habit. Robin Williams, who lived. Chris Farley and  John Belushi, who didn’t. Do you think that these people are happy with their choice? I doubt it. But Charlie Sheen doesn’t have the benefit of their experience yet. He’s still a comedian who is up and coming.  It’s like the old saying “If you want to know about the glories of power, ask those pursuing it, If you want to know about the pain of power, ask those who have it.” He is looking around and seeing that all of “the greats” have lived like this.  He’s following the formula, a well worn path to success.

Look at his life, from his perspective. Everything he’s done has worked. He’s made an incredible amount of money, he has been famous for years, he’s always had this habit and it’s never slowed him down. If you lived his life, why wouldn’t you begin to think that you’re just that talented?  How does society measure success for a man? Lots of money? He’s got it. Lots of women? He’s got it.  Lots of drink/drugs? He’s all over that one in particular. Fame? Everyone knows who he is. 



Tiger Blood.

Rockstar from Mars.

Seriously. The problem is that our society rewards people like Charlie Sheen, empowers them and encourages the lifestyle. He’s not entirely to blame; he is a creature of that particular system, and he’s really good at making it in that system. It’d be like blaming a lion for killing the old, sick, and young. It’s not the lion’s fault that you are repulsed by the act; it’s what the lion has to do to succeed in its system.

If you can’t stand seeing celebs melt down like this, stop watching. If you don’t want to see Miley Cyrus turn into the next Brittney Spears, stop buying her merchandise. If you want to put a stop to Lindsey Lohan’s drug abuse, stop watching her movies.  You do have control of this as a consumer, you know.

We all have a little bit of guilt when it comes to Charlie Sheen’s train wreck. But from where Charlie is standing, what he’s saying is absolutely the truth. He’s being open, honest, and sincere. On TV. Maybe that’s why everyone is so shocked and thinks he’s crazy.

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2 Responses to “Charlie Sheen is more rational and honest than anyone else on TV”

  1. I am waiting for the reality show… “being Charlie” … it would have to be a bigger train wreck than “Breaking Bonaduce”. I bet it would surpass viewership of his current/suspended show. Charlie is the ultimate Vatican Ninja Assassin Warlock……

  2. Here I thought I was alone. I don’t watch that stupid show but somehow I still know that Sheen basically plays himself though I guess without the crackpipe. Crack? Really? And the X too? Amazing yes but as you say, basically right in the strike zone of even our public servants who are, in my view, a little too public. Stop watching Sheen and his show, if he is so dreadful. Feed him his most abject fear: obscurity, if you can. But there is still more to respect and like in Sheen than there is in the scrum that profits so mightily from tut-tutting his hijinx. And screw his self-righteous old man. Emilio though should toss Charlie in a closet and nuggie him into submission but this would be a family matter.

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