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Parents, prepare to go parental: Doctor faked data linking autism to vaccines

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I can’t imagine that there is a parent out there that hasn’t had the discussion about whether or not they believed in the link between autism and certain vaccines administered to children. I know I certainly have. I chose to vaccinate my daughter, as I never really found there to be hard evidence that linked the two. Well, apparently — there isn’t. Some douche of a doctor — Dr. Andrew Wakefield to be exact — decided to go ahead and falsify his findings. Of course he’s denying it, but the evidence against him seems overwhelmingly strong. What could possibly possess a human being to do such a thing? And how will the country now react to those who so strongly supported this doctor’s theory?

Hey, Jenny McCarthy — all eyes are on you.

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7 Responses to “Parents, prepare to go parental: Doctor faked data linking autism to vaccines”

  1. Perhaps a shoe-in for PWSBKTW.

  2. I can’t even tell you how irate this issue makes me, and I don’t even have kids! This man should be prosecuted for each child who has contracted the measels since his fake study came out. And noted MD Jenny McCarthy should be ashamed of herself–there is real research that needs to be done on autism, and people like her keep that from happening by diverting the conversation.

  3. I have not proven it yet but I have a theory that watching anything with Jim Carrey in it will make you stupid.

  4. I’m at Meg’s level of anger. There are so many celebrities complicit with this misinformation and idiocy — Jim Carrey; Jenny McCarthy; Bill Maher; pretty much the entire blogging staff of the Huffington Post; Oprah, etc.

    Orac at the Respectful Insolence blog has been slicing through their nonsense with great panache for a long time:


    Science-Based Medicine hammers away at the antivaxxers with hyper-eloquence as well:


  5. Hells yeah! WFtC Contributors Against Jenny McCarthy!

  6. Jenny McCarthy has made a lot of money, and gotten a lot of fame, from her claims that her son was “cured” of autism, by pseudoscientific means. But maybe he never even had autism:


    She also claimed her son was an “Indigo Child”:


    But that whole “Indigo Child” thing kind of flamed out. So she jumped on the autism bandwagon.

    And let’s not forget the Jenny McCarthy Body Count:


    What can you say about a woman whose best work was the film “Dirty Love”?

  7. wow-good to know- I was always on the fence with all that, what made u look into this stuff jack??


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