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Audio files: “The Meadows of Asphodel” with Lenora Claire!

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Welcome back to “Audio Files,” where naysayers and hatchet men receive a good “rodgering” on the tactile surfaces of traffic-calmed neighborhoods.

Enough psychosexual innuendo, though. It’s time to put on my Big-Boy Cycling Shorts. I’ve got a very special guest this week — an astonishingly beautiful woman actually — to help introduce a new feature, “The Meadows of Asphodel.”

Here’s how it works: each week, some interesting people tell me about FIVE ALBUMS they’d die without if trapped on a desert isle…if lost forever in a black cosmic void. Essential soundtracks for lands of eternal neutrality.

So please — crawl into my ambulance. Your pulse is getting weak.



The Lovely Ms. Lenora Claire


My first-ever guest is one of the most strikingly beautiful and talented ladies in Los Angeles, California. An art curator, entertainment journalist, Web series host and glamor girl, Lenora Claire is busier than a barracuda in the elimination round of a fresh-kill contest.  She’s got a TV show in development called Manthropology...an art show in the works with some rock music people…a hosting gig at Mr. Black gatherings — and! — a musical project with Jer Ber Jones.

Please drop by her site: www.LenoraClaire.com

But enough raucous buildup…no more ado — here she is!

  • Lenora Claire: “This is a hard question for a music lover such as myself but here we go.
  1. Marc and the Mambas, Torment and Toreros. It’s kind of cheating as technically it’s a double disc, but I’ve been obsessed with Torment and Toreros for over half my life. Marc and the Mambas was Marc Almond‘s project between Soft Cell and his solo career and is all about bullfighting, sleaze, obsession, depravity, and heartbreak. It also features Martin Mccarrick, who played strings on several This Mortal Coil records and just totally blows my mind. There is no other record in the world like it.
  2. The Birthday Party, Greatest Hits. Greatest Hits records are also kind of cheating but but all 20 tracks on the Birthday Party Greatest Hits album blow my mind. I will miss all the other Nick Cave records very much while being burnt to a crisp on a desert island or pretending I’m Barbarella while floating in space.
  3. The Raveonettes, Lust, Lust, Lust is also a sure thing for my top 5. They manage to mix all these genres — I love their fuzzy guitars — yet it all comes together in this perfect way, creating that groovy Raveonettes sound.
  4. George Michael, Greatest Hits (Disc 2 only): I know I’m copping out (again), going with the Greatest Hits thing, and the Kids In The Hall are right about them being for housewives and little girls. But I don’t care what bathroom stall he’s getting dragged out of or why he likes to take those little naps in his car — George Michael is a super-talented, stubble-having superstar. I would totally wake him up before I go-go.
  5. CoilApe of Naples. Yet another nearly impossible decision as I have also loved Coil for half my life and am sad every day that Jhon Balance lost his balance and fell off that roof.”

Thanks much, Lenora! In these days of deep-fried dystopia, Lenora’s shimmering benevolence surpasses even Our Lady of the Rockies. I’m in love. I hope she’ll come back for guest-blogging duties someday.  Anyway, back to my ennobling den — my sorrowful nook of diligence…


CLOSING THOUGHTSWhere are my Flipper and Rapeman records? Did you take them? I am listening to Killdozer.

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4 Responses to “Audio files: “The Meadows of Asphodel” with Lenora Claire!”

  1. Further to your comment about Vissarion on Rob’s thread I can hereby reveal the Messiah’s favourite band on this musical thread:


    Now tell me that’s not value for money.

  2. I actually edited out a chunk about Vissarion in this blog post…I had written most of the post at 1 a.m.-ish last evening, and when I woke up this morning after about an hour of sleep, I realized that everything was a rambling slipstream of ADHD crazy-talk, so I erred on the side of omission…

  3. @DK

    There was talk of KGB frogmen and crowbars, too…(Vadim and Vissarion have clearly penetrated the membrane of my soul…)

  4. That’s where they long to be, Michael. They are waiting for you. I also have some music by Vadim, Vissarion’s gospel writer lying around on MP3 somewhere. And this is the most famous follower of V, an ex pop singer, who returned to the Russian stage 2 years ago, possibly to raise cash/awareness for the Abode of Dawn:


    And here she is before she saw the light, rocking a Lisa Stansfield kind of vibe:


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