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Going Parental: First day of school!

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Today is my daughter’s first day of Pre-K. I can’t even really call it her first day because she goes for an hour and I have to stay with her. When the hell did this become my first day of school? This is horse shit. My kid’s been going to some sort of all day progam/nursery school since she was two. She doesn’t need me hanging around watching her introduce herself to the all the nanny-bred kids who have never spent a day away from home. It’s not my fault that she’s going to walk right in there stoked and good to go. She’s already annoyed that I’m not just dropping her off and picking her up in the afternoon. Even she thinks this is stupid

I’ll tell you one thing, I may post a photo of the kid on Facebook like the rest of the world, but mine won’t have some gay caption that reads, “My little girl’s first day of school, sniffle.” Mine’s more likely to say, “Today is my kid’s first day of school, I feel like I’m being released from prison.” Also not pictured in the photo will be my face, with an ear to ear, shit-eating-grin.

Anyway — gotta run, school’s about to start.

Going Parental is back… with a vengeance. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to “Going Parental: First day of school!”

  1. My daughter turns 18 this year….. I remember holding my little girls hand and walking with her through the hallway. I remember her looking up at me and squeezing my hand. When they start real school things seem to change, they know it and you know it. I guess it was special because my ex-wife was at sea in the Navy and I was all she had…. I am glad I was there for her.

  2. Nanny bred.. LOL

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