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Barack Obama’s Jersey Shore lie

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Having absolutely nothing better to do, the President of the United States appeared on The View yesterday where he made what I consider to be a rather startling claim for an American to make:

President Obama charmed the ladies on “The View” yesterday and confidently showed off his command of the big challenges facing the nation today.

But the name Snooki didn’t ring a bell.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know who that is,” the smiling but perplexed President said when asked about the big-haired “Jersey Shore” bombshell, according to several audience members interviewed after the show.

“We all liked that he didn’t know who she was,” said Nella Cerminara, 51, of Montreal.

That would be nice if the president didn’t know who “Snooki” was, I suppose.

Except he does know who Snooki is. He was lying. Check out this video from back in May:

If we can’t trust the president to tell the truth about an MTV reality show character, what can we trust him on?

What did the president know about Snooki, and when did he know it? And why did he lie about it?

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9 Responses to “Barack Obama’s Jersey Shore lie”

  1. Everyone knows who Snooki is. She is THE cultural icon of our day.

    I say Palin/Snooki on the 2012 presidential ticket.

  2. Then Obama could claim he didn’t know who was running against him, and refuse to appear at debates.

  3. The teleprompter lied…. Obama is just saying what his teleprompter tells him to. Or it is just Georges Bush’s fault.

  4. Thank heavens someone exposed “Snookigate.” I cannot recall in recent memory any president deceiving the American people on something so significant, something of such far-reaching impact on all of our lives. I am sure our children and grandchildren will still be picking up the tab for this deception he managed to foist upon us.

  5. Further evidence that Mr. Obama has completely lost touch with the fierce urgency of Jwoww.

  6. The Daily Show writers wrote his WHCD speech.

    It’s entirely possible that Obama didn’t know who Snooki was/is.
    Heck, I don’t know who she is, so I can’t hold it against him.

  7. @Mike: So you’re saying he just reads whatever is put in front of him without knowing what it means?

  8. @ Ricky

    Some times, yes, I truly think that. It’s one of the hazards that comes with relying on TOTUS.

    What is admirable is his dedication to staying on script. I couldn’t let a fly walk across my face like that and continue speaking without missing a beat.

    Guess that’s one of the reasons why I’m not President.

  9. My guess is that the speech in which he referred to Snooki was written by a speechwriter and that he really doesn’t know who she is. i didn’t, until now. Who cares?

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