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This week I am digging my new chicken recipe and Star-Ving

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I am totally digging my new chicken recipe.  I use Wegmans Parmesan Italian Dressing and Weber’s Garlic and Herb spice.  Cooking is a pretty macho things these days, think about it — look at the guys on TV — Bobby Flay, Emeril, Guy Fieri, and Alton Brown. Well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. I would like to think I am a pretty decent cook — and love cooking on the grill.  Since the weather has turned, I have grilled practically every night.  So I got this stuff from Wegmans and added in the spice — then rubbed it all over the chicken and basted it while it was cooking. Wow, was it good.  The local potheads came floating towards my house like zombies when they smelled the amazing aromas coming off of my overworked grill. Most importantly, the girlfriend gave it the seal of approval.  Sadly, the potheads are all still milling around in my backyard waiting for me to make the chicken again.   

I am digging Star-Ving. It is a web series created by and starring David “Bud Bundy” Faustino and Corin “Parker Lewis” Nemec. Eight minutes mini shows portraying them as broke out of work former child actors — somehow, its not considered a reality show! At least I think I am digging it, I got a few laughs, but then they every episode is kind of the same. Sort of like a Rage Against the Machine song.    

I am not digging the way I feel after watching Taxi Driver. It made me feel like I did after I watched The Shining and every other movie portraying a man falling deep into psychosis. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have a cache of dangerous weapons at home, and that the most serious crime I have ever committed was listening to Duran Duran as a kid.   

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