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Cookies vs. cake — the single girl’s debate

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A girlfriend of mine told me tonight that she is looking for a prince. Cliché as it sounds, she has maybe settled and compromised too much in the recent past. So, I can see why she would go there. I do not want any such thing. No thanks. Do those guys even know how to do their own laundry? Doubtful. I want a best friend, who will take care of me when I’m not quite up to the task, with whom I can have lots of sexy time.

My girlfriends and I have recently divided the men in our lives into two categories. Cookies and cake. Everybody wants cake (and I know one friend who landed/baked hers). But, sometimes when you’re waiting for your cake to show up you snack on cookies. Our debate comes into play when we are trying to decide about whether cookies can be too distracting. I mean, if you’re full on cookies the day your cake shows up you might not even know your cake is there. Just another lesson in moderation, I guess.

So, cookies you date casually, cake you think has potential for long term. I don’t mix in any other dessert metaphors, because I think that just creates confusion. But, cookie cake has been brought up. I don’t know that I’ve met one of those. He would have to be a crazy balance of risky and stable. Is that possible?

I think we all want different kinds of cake. I am personally not holding my breath for wedding cake, having recently taken the leftovers of the last one out of the freezer and chucked them. Something a little sweeter than what I usually go for would be nice. I don’t even want to introduce the cake to my son, not for a good while. I just want to enjoy it for myself, and let it earn its chance to be shared later. I’m not in any hurry to pass the cake around.

In the meantime, though, I sure do like cookies.

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8 Responses to “Cookies vs. cake — the single girl’s debate”

  1. Leave to the overweight guy to chime in with “It’s ok to have both cookies AND cake! Maybe some ice cream, certainly some Cool-Whip… Sorry.

  2. The cookie-cake thing is a myth. That’s what we tell ourselves when we know damn well that he is a cookie but we’re hoping in our heart of hearts he’s a cake or has the potential for cake.

    Where are the guys that you can savor?!?!

  3. What you really want is a good beef stew. Something with nutrition, that fills you up, sticks to your bones.

    I guess cake is more fun. Cookies, too. But those are empty calories.

  4. i agree with Scott, if you don’t cut down on the junk food i’m sorry to say you’ll balloon out to Marlon Brando proportions, indeed you will start to talk and act like Brando, but not the young, hot Brando – the later, colossal Brando. i don’t mean to be a patriarchal hegemonist, but if look like Colonel Kurtz, and stay up all night broadcasting strange messages across Cambodia, you’ll scare most guys off and end up, aged 55, as a spinster with your hair in curlers, watching TV and talking to your (many) cats.

  5. Fortunately for me, Walter, I have the um, metabolism of an 18 year old. Size 4. Not worried about it at the moment. Thanks for your concern regarding possible crazy cat lady future. Think I’ll be just fine.

  6. It is a rare woman who can enjoy a crazy piece of Cake; a woman who can bond despite the risk taking and the surprises. As a crazy piece of cake it has been my experience that as soon as it gets sweet she begins to pick out the ingredients that don’t fit her taste and so while she was entertained by me she really wanted a piece of sheet cake. However it was at BIKE WEEK in Daytona that someone did claim me. It has been a very cool 20years. KCO’D

  7. I think this dessert analogy may be one of my favorites to date!
    – I am of the firm belief that until you learn you don’t need to have dessert…you’ll really never truly appreciate it.
    – I think a lot of people incorrectly assume that a good dessert fixes a bad meal. It may be one of the most memorable parts of it, but at the end of the day…the meal still sucked.
    and now for the dirty one…
    – You can’t drizzle chocolate sauce over ALL your deserts before you eat them… mix it up a bit.

  8. Oh Dave, I already know I don’t need cake to get by, but everybody’s gots to get some desert sometimes.
    And Kev, crazy cake still qualifies as cake- good job on the 20!

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