Fun with sheep

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Shawn Macomber (who sometimes writes for WFTCposted the trailer for Black Sheep over at The American Spectator. The trailer made me laugh. Shawn discusses it in connection with a recent political ad that is critical of Tom Campbell. I hadn’t heard of the political ad, or of Tom Campbell. I don’t know which video is funnier, but I know which is more disturbing. Decide for yourself. Both videos are below. Also, calling the movie Black Sheep might be racist.

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2 Responses to “Fun with sheep”

  1. The sheep movie was entertaining, and I find that I can’t say FCISO, I must sing it to the tune of “Bingo was his name-o”.

    F-C-ISO, F-C-ISO, F-C-ISO, and …


  2. I’ve never dropped acid before, but after watching the FCINO ad, I feel like I have. Thanks, whoever it was who ran that ad! I can’t remember your name, but I remember the sheep.

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